Station: Kilworthy
Subdivision: Newmarket
Mileage: 106.21
Symbols: ..
Office Signals: ..
Train Order: P
Sidings: ...
Other Tracks: S.6 (M106.22)
Location: (Muskoka District, Morrison Township)
Date Event
1907 G.T.Ry. lists the following structures at Kilworthy, 106.45 miles from Toronto:
  • 6'×8' frame shelter with shingle roof, "Fair" condition;
  • 1200 ft2 platform;
  • 16'×20' frame section tool house with shingle roof;
  • 18'×32' frame section dwelling on sill foundation with shingle roof, built 1888, "Fair" condition;
  • 12'×14' addition;
  • 12'×16' adddition, built 1904;
  • 840 ft2 platform, built 1904; and
  • 10'×10' shed, "Closet".
GTR.ND.1907, p. 159.
1963-04-28 Kilworthy appears in public time tableCNR.A.193, Table No. 58.
1963-10-27 Kilworthy absent from public time tableCNR.A.194, Table No. 58.
Train Order History
Date Office Signals Train Order
1914-09-20/1925-09-27 .. ..
1929-09-29/1961-10-29 .. P

*After 1962-10-28, train order offices in time tables were indicated by office signals.

Sidings History
Date Sidings
1915-06-27*/1919-12-28 26
1925-09-27/1929-09-29 21
1935-09-29/1938-01-09 19
1940-09-29 18
1942-09-27/1961-10-29 ..

*Capacity of sidings/passing tracks does not appear in G.T.Ry. time tables before 1915-06-27.

Other Tracks History
Date Other Tracks
1929-09-29* 12
1935-09-29/1940-09-29 9
1942-09-27/1961-10-29 S.6

*Capacity of other tracks does not appear in C.N.Rys. time tables before at least 1926-06-27.

Date Image Notes
1910c Click to Enlarge
J.P. Smith collection
Postcard view of northbound G.T.Ry. passenger train leaving Kilworthy; the general store is on the left and roof of the depot is visible behind the third and fourth coaches. Published by H.W. Wiancko, Sparrow Lake. Postmarked August 7, 1911 at Sparrow Lake, ON.

The 2-6-0 Mogul type locomotive was built by Canadian Locomotive Company, delivered to the G.T.Ry. on March 24, 1910 as No. 1011, became C.N.Rys. Class E-10-a No. 913 and was scrapped July 3, 1935Canadian National Steam Power states that C.N.Ry.s No. 913 was scrapped in October 1935. No. 913 was one of several E-10-a class locomotives that did not receive superheating; all were scrapped ca. 1935Rich Chrysler—correspondence. in LondonO-SHO-ME Plan 107; Lorne Perry—correspondence.
1910c Click to Enlarge
J.P. Smith collection
Postcard view of Kilworthy depot. Published by H.W. Wiancko, Sparrow Lake. Postmarked January 1, 1912 at Sparrow Lake, ON.
Date Reference Railway Subject Description
1894-07-12 NAC / Col. RG30M Acc. 90137 Item 225 G.T.Ry. Track plan.
1929-10-11 NAC / Col. RG30M Acc. 90137 Item 448 C.N.Rys. Track plan.