Station: London
Subdivision: Dundas Strathroy
Mileage: 78.21 0.00
Symbols: K*X C*K*WX
Train Order: DN DN
Office Signals: W W
Sidings: Yard Yard
Other Tracks: Yard Yard

Dundas Subdivision

Strathroy Subdivision

C* Diesel oil (rail car only).

R* Register Station for trains suing station tracks and trains to and from Thorndale Subdivision, except extra trains originating at London East.

Trains may leave London (except trains using station tracks and extra trains from Thorndale Subdivision designed Strathroy Subdivision), Hyde Park, Komoka, and Petrolia Jct. without terminal clearance provided train order signal, if any, indicates proceed.

Signal No. 01 is Automatic Block Signal and is also identified as Station Protection Signal and governs movements on westward freight track.

Signal No. 01-P is dwarf signal identified by letter "A" and governs westward movements from station tracks. In the event of failure of signal to clear, trains will be governed by instructions of switchtender and must not start until permission is received from stationmaster on duty.

Signal No. 2 has two lights. This signal is an Automatic Block Signal equipped with dummy mast identified by lunar white light and is also a Station Protection Signal. Upper light governs movement on eastward main track. Lower light governs movement through crossovers to station track and also to westward main track.

Sounding of engine whistle signals on any locomotive, car or other mechanism propelled on a railway, when approaching any public crossing at grade except Highbury Avenue and Hale Street, within the limits of the City of London, is prohibited, except when necessary to prevent accident. (B.T.C. 57124). This does not prohibit the sounding of engine whistle signals when necessary for train operation. London City limits commence at mileage 1.54

Date Event
1853-12-21 GWR opens Hamilton to LondonChurcher.
1858-09-27 GTR opens from Stratford to LondonStevens-1960, p. 285, Trout-1970, p. 35.
1934-09-24/1934-10-01 CNR tenders for construction of passenger concourseThe Globe (Toronto), Tuesday, September 25, 1934 p. 13, c.8.
Date Image Notes
Date Image Notes
NAC C-053563
GWR station, built 1854.
n.d. Click to Enlarge
JPS collection.
Postcard view of station in the GTR era. Published by The Valetine & Sons Publishing Co., Ltd., Montréal and Toronto (No. 107.560). Printed in Great Britain. Not postally used.
CN Photo Collection / CSTM / Image CN001082
Burwell Street Station, built in 1858.
1935c Click to Enlarge
JPS collection
CN Photo Collection / CSTM / Image CN000650
Street (rear or north) elevation of station shortly after construction showing circular drive.
CN Photo Collection / CSTM / Image CN000651
Station; interior of waiting room.
Railway Age
The new station at London, Ont., showing the baggage wing at the rightRailway Age, 102(7), February 13, 1937, p. 285.
Railway Age
Waiting room and concourse occupy the rigid-frame structure that carries the station track and platform layoutRailway Age, 102(7), February 13, 1937, p. 287.
Railway Age
View of the station from the track levelRailway Age, 102(7), February 13, 1937, p. 287.
CN Photo Collection / CSTM / Image CN001149
Date Reference Railway Subject Description
1893c NAC / Col. RG30M Acc. 78903/42 Item 409 G.T.Ry. Office addition. Plan. Section.
1931-08 NAC / Col. RG30M Acc. 78903/42 Item 41 C.N.Rys. Existing station. Plan. Sections.
1931-08 NAC / Col. RG30M Acc. 78903/42 Item 411 C.N.Rys. Existing station. Elevations.
1934-09-25 NAC / Col. RG30M Acc. 78903/42 Item 412 C.N.Rys. New station. Location plan.
1934-09-25 NAC / Col. RG30M Acc. 78903/42 Item 413 C.N.Rys. New station. Platform, stair and canopy details.
1934-09-25 NAC / Col. RG30M Acc. 78903/42 Item 414 C.N.Rys. New station. Concourse plan and sections.
1936c Railway Age, 102(7) 1937-02-13, p. 286 C.N.Rys. New station. General plan.