Station: Longlac
Subdivision: Caramat Kowkash
Mileage: 101.1 0.2
Symbols: KWYZ KWYZ
Train Order: DN DN
Office Signals: GU GY
Sidings: Yard Yard
Other Tracks: Yard Yard
Yard Limit Signs: 7,705 feet East of station. 8,877 feet West of station.

Caramat Subdivision

Kinghorn Subdivision

Trains standing and requiring to call in Flagman from Kinghorn Subdivision will do so in accordance with Rule 14 (da.).

Crossover installed on Kinghorn Subdivision just West of engine house lead Longlac. Main track Kinghorn Subdivision now routed via crossover thence second track in front of station to junction switch with Caramat Subdivision. Main track switch is normal when set for this route. All trains are restricted to speed of ten (10) miles per hour through this crossover.

Train inspection

Eastward freight trains form Kinghorn Subdivision. All cars on freight trains must be given standing inspection on both sides by train crew. These instructions do not relieve conductors and trainmen from inspecting their train as prescribed by Rule 111, 4th para.

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