Station Name: Lorneville, a.k.a. Lorneville Junction, Midland Junction
Subdivision: Coboconk Midland
Mileage: 13.88 15.10
Station Symbols: RYZ R*YZ
Train Order: D D
Office Signals: WI WI
Sidings: Yard Yard
Other Tracks: Yard Yard
Yard Limits 5,175 feet South 8,400 feet East
2,900 feet North 10,165 feet West


Trains may leave without terminal clearance provided train order signal indicates proceed.

No. 601 will depart as No. 602.

No. 85 will depart No. 86.

Crossing, Midland Subdivision; interlocking. No approach signals. Stop signs located 560 feet and 500 feet south of crossing. Normal position of signals clear for Midland Subdivision. When agent not on duty, Trainmen will operate signals. Operating levers located in baggage room. (B.T.C. 54575).


Trains may leave Lorneville ... without terminal clearance provided train order signal, if any, indicates proceed.

Register station for trains to and from Coboconk Subdivision.

No. 605 arriving Lorneville will depart as No. 606.

Crossing, Coboconk Subdivision—Interlocking. Approach signals are fixed in "Caution" and do not convey home signal indication. (B.T.C. 54575).

Date Event
1900 G.T.Ry. remodels stationGTRS.ND, p. 141.
1881-09-03 The Globe reports loop to connect the Nipissing and Midland Railways at Lorneville or Midland Junction in the Beaverton direction has been staked out and will shortly be built.The Globe (Toronto), Saturday, September 3, 1881, p. 18, c. 4.
Date Image Notes
Charles Cooper collection
G.T.Ry. station.
Charles Cooper collection
C.N.Ry.s 2515, still with G.T.Ry. wood pilot, circa 1925 on a westbound train, possibly of empty grain cars.
Robert Dickson photo
Station, door and operator's bay window.
Robert Dickson photo
Date Reference Railway Subject Description
n.d. Last Trains to Lindsay, p. 90 C.N.Rys. Track plan.