Station: Maynooth
Subdivision: Maynooth
Mileage: 101.7
Train Order:
Office Signals:
Other Tracks:
Date Event
1899-06 C.O.Ry. tenders for construction of extension to BancroftThe Railway And Shipping World, Surveys, construction, betterments, &c., No. 16 (June 1899), Pg. 174, Col. 2..
1907-08-07 Site of C.O.Ry. station at Maynooth approvedB.R.C. Order No. 3410..
1907-09-10 C.O.Ry. authorized to open from Bancroft to MaynoothB.R.C. Order No. 3568..
1908-07-21 C.O.Ry. Maynooth station grounds inspectedFourth Report of the Board of Railway Commissioners for Canada for Year Ending March 31, 1909, Appendix F, pg. 330.
1964-01-08 C.N.Rys. application to remove agent at Maynooth dismissed B.T.C. Order No. 113016..
1965-11-02 C.N.Rys. authorized to remove agent at Maynooth; caretaker to be appointedB.T.C. Order No. 118849..
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