C.N.Rys. Meaford

Station: Meaford
Subdivision: Meaford
Miles: 52.15
Symbols: RWZ
Train Order: DN
Office Signals: MR
Sidings: Yard
Other Tracks: Yard
  • Knight Brothers: N.7 (M51.67)
  • Lake Siding: NS.23 (M52.06 to M52.31)
  • Stanley Knight Hardwood Flooring: S.4
  • Meaford Manufacturing Company: S.10 (M52.53)
  • Meaford Manufacturing Company: S.6
Location: (Grey County, St. Vincent Township)
Date Event
1872-12-31 N.E.Ry. opens to MeafordHopper-1962, p. 641Stevens gives the date as April 1, 1872Stevens-1960, p. 410..
1902-05-01 Station master R.F. White officially opens new stationFred Kennedy—correspondence
Date Image Notes
Canadian National Railways collection, NAC C-035485
N.Ry.C., the first train into Meaford, ON.
James Esson Collection / NAC / Acc. 1978-103
County of Grey Museum
G.T.Ry. station and elevator.
TRL/CPCC Acc. PC-ON 1184
G.T.Ry. station from elevator.
NAC / PA-201193
Date Reference Railway Subject Description
1895-04-08 NAC / Col. RG30M Acc. 934002 Item 38 NRC Track plan. 1'=50"
1953-12-31 C.N.Rys. Operating Diagrams Meaford Subdivision, Sheet 3
1955-05 C.N.Rys. Track plan.