Mimico Yard

Station: Mimico Yard
Subdivision: Oakville
Mileage: 8.06
Symbols: ..
Train Order: ..
Office Signals: ..
Sidings: ..
Other Tracks: ..

Trains originating at Mimico Yard must obtain terminal clearance.

Date Event
1929-12-14 B.R.C. approves C.N.Rys. plans of coaling plant to be erected at MimicoB.R.C. 44268.
1941-08-16/1941-09-02 C.N.Rys. tenders for extension to to five existing stalls of enginehouse, with new arch brick and castings shop; lunch room, toilet, platform and roaddway at MimicoThe Globe and Mail (Toronto), 1941-08-19, p. 5, c. 4
1951-12-17 C.N.Rys. orders 77 lever, relay interlocking from General Railway SignalRailway Age, 1951-12-17, p. 72
1952 At Mimico Yards in Toronto Terminals all major track extensions were completed, and work was begun on a yard inter-communication system.CNR 1952 Annual Report, p. 18
1954-04-12/1954-04-29 C.N.Rys. tenders for construction of two yardmasters' towersToronto Daily Star, 1954-04-13, p. 23, c. 5
1965-03-24 Mimico roundhouse destroyed by fireU.C.R.S. Newsletter, No. 231, 1965-04, p. 49