C.N.Rys. Minessing

Station: Minessing, a.k.a. MinesingThe original spelling was Minising, but was changed to Minesing when the post office was established in 1864Anderson-1987, p. 643. When the NRC built the station during the 1880s, its name was misspelled as MinessingAnderson-1987, p. 746.
Subdivision: Penetang
Mileage: 7.69
Symbols: ..
Train Order: D
Office Signals: FC
Sidings: ..
Other Tracks: 15
  • Team Track: NS.15 (M7.62 to M8.80)
Location: (Simcoe County, Vespra Township)
Date Event
1880c N.Ry.C. constructs stationAnderson-1987, p. 746.
1925-03-06 First grain elevator destroyed by fireAnderson-1987, p. 758.
1925 (Winter) Second grain elevator constructedAnderson-1987, p. 758.
1949 (Winter)/1951 (Spring) Feed mill addition to grain elevator constructedAnderson-1987, p. 758.
1951-04 Toronto Grain and Coal Company discontinues sale of coalAnderson-1987, p. 758.
1957-07-17 Second grain elevator and feed mill destroyed by fireAnderson-1987, p. 758.
1978-06-27 C.N.Rys. operates last train to/from MinessingAnderson-1987, p. 757.
Date Image Notes
Robert Sandusky photo
Date Reference Railway Subject Description
1893-03-04 NMC135771c G.T.Ry. Station. 1in.=50ft. track plan.
1953-07 Wilson-1998, p. 114. C.N.Rys. Station. Track plan.