Muskoka Junction

Station: Muskoka Jct., a.k.a. Gravenhurst Yard
Subdivision: Muskoka Wharf spur Newmarket
Mileage: 0.00 111.40Based on location of phone booth shown on CNR Property Plan No. 540 (1949-02).
Symbols: C*KWYZ C*KWYZ
Train Order: DN DN
Office Signals: MJ MJ
Sidings: 32 32
Other Tracks: .. ...
  • Wharf Track: 111.36 to 111.77
Location: (Muskoka District, Muskoka Township)

Newmarket Subdivision

*Coal only.

Trains must obtain terminal clearance at Muskoka Jct.

First class and passenger extra trains may register at Muskoka Junction by delivering register ticket to Operator.

Spring switch at entrance to yard. Automatic signal 1095 located just south of south switch Jevins, Mileage 109.8 and fixed signal 1109 located approximately sixty (60) feet south of spring switch Muskoka Jct., protect this spring switch. Automatic signal 1095 to fixed signal 1109 protecting spring switch is designated as Grade Signal. Rule 509-B applicable.

First track west of main track Muskoka Jct., now known as siding will be used for meeting of passenger trains. Under Rule 93 note reading "where automatic block signal rules are in effect 'Known to be Clear' includes when track is known to be clear by 'signal indication'" is not applicable at Muskoka Jct.

Date Event
1875-11-15 NRC opens from Muskoka Junction (Gravenhurst) to Muskoka WharfHopper-1962, p. 641; Stevens-1960, p. 410.
1961-10-29 Appears as Gravenhurst YardCNR.GLR.NOA.32.
Date Reference Railway Subject Description
1948-10 Wilson, pp. 152-153 C.N.Rys. Track plan.