C.N.Rys. Napanee

Station: Napanee
Subdivision: Deseronto Gananoque Smiths Falls
Mileage: 0.00 198.93 104.4
Symbols: WXYZ
Train Order: DN
Office Signals: NE
Sidings: E.56
Other Tracks: Yard
Yard Limits: 7,233 ft. east of station
8,300 ft. west of station

Emergency telephone ... at west switch, westward siding.

No. 16 stop at Napanee to detrain passengers from Sunnyside, West Toronto and St. Clair Ave.

"Take Siding" signal units located on eastward signal No. 2008, and on westward signal No. 1987.

West switch of westward signal is equipped with spring switch and "Leave Siding" signal. See further instructions, page 19; dwarf signal No. 2000 governs movements against the current of traffic over this spring switch. Rule 104A applicable.

All movements on shed track over crossing at grade immediately south of station, mileage 198.88 must be protected by member of crew.

Selby Road public crossing at grade (first west of station). Cars must not be left standing on shed track within 200 feet of crossing and must not be left in spur track connecting with westward siding with 100 feet of west side of crossing. All switching movements over this crossing must be protected by member of crew. (B.T.C. 73662).

Belleville Road public crossing at grade (second west of station). When trains are standing on either siding, cars shall be kept back a distance of one hundred fett from each side of the crossing, and a member of the train crew shall flag all highway traffic over this crossing. (B.T.C. 68986).

Date Event
1912-06-14 C.N.O.Ry. opens to NapaneeThe Railway and Marine World (Toronto), No. 173 (July 1912) pg. 336, col. 2.
1954-01-23 8 are killed when a Montréal passenger train hits car at Highway No. 41 level crossing. Automatic crossing equipment was in the process of being installedThe Globe and Mail (Toronto), Monday, January 25, 1954, pp. 1-2.