Station: Newmarket
Subdivision: Newmarket
Mileage: 34.12
Symbols: ..
Train Order: DN
Office Signals: NW
Sidings: 27 (M33.97 to M34.28)
Other Tracks: 73
  • Freight house, 2-car cattle pen: NS.24 (M34.00 to M34.27 off Siding);
  • Siding #3: NS.28? (M33.94 to M34.10);
  • Canadian Hoffman Machinery Company: S.14 (M33.96 off Siding #3)
  • Spur: S.15 (M33.97 off Siding #3)
  • Davis Leather Company: S.14 (M34.10 off Siding #3)
Location: 450 Davis Drive
(York County, Whitchurch Township)
HSMBC Report: RSR-138
Designation / Year: Positive / 1992

Switching movements of Davis Drive (formerly known as Huron Street) Mileage 34.1 (first public crossing North of station) must be protected by member of crew performing switching operations. Freight trains occupying the passing track shall not stand closer than fifty feet from the said crossing. Cars placed on the siding serving the flour mill, freight shed, stock pens, and other buildings must be left a sufficient distance from the crossing to give the same view either wasy as the flour mill corner permits. (B.T.C. 72143)

The sounding of Engine whistle signals on any locomotive, car or other mechanism is prohibited when approaching and passing over public crossings at grade within the limits of the Town of Newmarket between the hours of 10:00 p.m. and 6:00 a.m. except for the purpose of giving such signal necessary to prevent accident (B.T.C. 64180)

This does not prohibit the sounding of Engine whistles when necessary for train operation.

Limits of the town of Newmarket extend between Mileage 33.0 and Mileage 34.4.

Date Event
1852 Station designed by Frederic W. CumberlandThis statement is based on similar stations being built at Concord, King, Newmarket and Holland LandingBrown-2002, p. 114. Frederic W. Cumberland is identified as the architect of this station type by a plaque on the King station..
1853-01-11/1853-01-20 O.S.&H.U.Rd. tenders construction of depotThe Globe (Toronto), Tuesday, January 11, 1853, p. 3.
1853-06-02 First construction train reaches Timothy Street creek, NewmarketThe Newmarket Era, 1899-05-12, pg. 3, col. 2.
1853-06-07 O.S.&H.U.Rd. operates freight trains to NewmarketThe Globe (Toronto), 1853-06-07, p. 3.
1853-06-13 O.S.&H.U.Rd. opens stationThis statement is based on the opening of the line to BradfordTrout-1970, p. 106..
1860-09-10 Northern Railway of Canada (N.R.C.) operates special train for His Royal Majesty, Albert, Prince of Wales. Newmarket is specially commended for the skillful decoration of the stationWalker-1953, p. 52.

The Prince at Newmarket.

Grand Reception.

Corporation Address and the Princes' Reply.

Tremendous Crowd of People.

Splendid Display of Firemen and Band.

Monday last will long be remembered by the citizens of Newmarket and inhabitants of the surrounding country as the day on which they had an opportunity of beholding the future King of Britain; as they day, too, which saw collected in one vast concourse, more people than were ever assembled here on any previous occassion. The weather was all that could be desired, and long before the arrival of the distinguished visitors expected, hundreds upon hundreds of strangers were parading the grand decorations made in honor (as one of the mottoes had it,) of "England's Pride—Canada's Hope." But in order that we may be as concise as possible in our report of the day's proceedings, etc., we shall have to give account of the decorations and preparations for the occassion.


A grand Arch of Roman architecture was erected over the R.R. track at the crossing on Water-street, beautifully covered with evergreens, from the top of which floated the Royal Ensign, and numerous banners. On the south side was the motto—"Welcome to Newmarket," and on the north—"Albert Edward—God Direct Him." From...

The Depot Grounds.

At the entrance to the Depot grounds from the south, another well-proportioned evergreen Arch was erected of Gothic architecture, from the centre of which floated the Royal St. George's Cross; and all along the central span were small Tri-Colors, Union Jacks, etc. This Arch was also trimmed with flowers, and was decorated with the mottoes — "England's Pride—Canada's Hope;" "All Hail ?????? Future King;" "The Queen—God Bless Her." with the Royal Arms in the centre.

The Station.

The Station House was also trimmed with evergreens, temporary columns being put up in front, and wound with wreaths. From the centre ?????? hung a large "Prince of Wales ?????? -of-flowers. Here, too, floated the ?????? Standard banner and numerous ??????, Union Jacks, etc., etc.

The Amphitheatre.


The Firemen and Band.


The Third Arch.


The Crowd.


The Reception.


The Address and Reply.

The Prince appeared fresh and hearty, and as the car stopped opposite where the ladies were seated, he was greeted with a perfect shower of bouquets, which caused another round of cheers to flow from the loyal and enthusiastic crowd. The personal appearance of the Prince having been published, and re-published again and again, it is unnecessary for us to describe him here.

The Procession.

A procession was then formed, headed by the Band, of Firemen and citizens, and marched through Main-street to the Railroad Hotel, where refreshments were served to all who desired. The Fire Company again formed in procession, and preceded by the Band, marched to Water-street; up Water-street to Prospect-street, and along Prospect-street some distance, and returned with their engine to the new water-tank recently built my a few private citizens, and exercised themselves and amused the crowd by testing the powers of their engine.

We have refrained from making mention of names lest injury may by done by individual comparisons.

In the evening, the Band, the Fire Brigade, and a large number of citizens accepted of an invitation from R.H. Smith; Esq. to partake of refreshments at his residence. For perhaps an hour previous to being entertained the assembly amused themselves with jumping, running foot-races, and other gymnastic exercises. The edibles reflected great credit upon Mrs. Smith, and altogether it was a very pleasant and agreeable party.

The New Era (Newmarket), Friday, September 14, 1860
1875-05-03 Cane & Elvidge foundry destroyed by fireThe Globe (Toronto), Tuesday, May 4, 1875, p. 1.
1900-08/1900-09 Grand Trunk Railway (GTR) builds second stationRSR-138.
1917-09-24 G.T.Ry. authorized to build spur for Davis Leather Co., NewmarketB.R.C. 26561.
1960c C.N.Rys. adds extension to south end of stationThis date is at odds with RSR-138, which states: The baggage end was extended before 1910 or 1912; however, a August 1952 photo clearly shows no extensionWilson-1998, p. 39. Further, the station scales to 70 ft. on the May 1959 fire insurance map..
1978c Passenger service to Newmarket discontinuedRSR-138.
1982 GO Transit resumes passenger service to Newmarket with one round trip per weekdayGO Transit Motive Power website.
Date Image Notes
South and west (track) elevations of second (present) station.
Paul Allison Collection
South and west (track) elevations of second (present) station. Black and white of the postcard?
1952-08 Image Not Available
Smith Falls Railway Museum, Mattingly collection
North and west (track) elevations of second (present) station.
n.d. Image Not Available
Elizabeth A. Willmot photo
North and west (track) elevations of second (present) station.
West (track) and south elevations of station.
Brian Ottaway photo, JPS collection
North and west (track) elevations of CNR station after extension.
A.M. de Fort-Menares photo
West (track) elevation of station.
A.M. de Fort-Menares photo
East (rear) elevation of station.
A.M. de Fort-Menares photo
South and west (track) elevations of station.
A.M. de Fort-Menares photo
Center part of east (rear) elevation of station.
A.M. de Fort-Menares photo
West elevation of station showing operator's bay..
Date Reference Railway Subject Description
n.d. NAC / Col. RG30M Acc. 945103, Box 10 Station yard. Sketches.
1883-05-24 NAC / Col. RG30M Acc. 78903/42 Item 1021 N&NWR Overhead bridge. Plan. Profile. Elevation. Section.
1895-03-16 NAC / Col. RG30M Acc. 90137 Item 72 G.T.Ry. Track plan. 1"=50'
1900c JPS G.T.Ry. Third station. First Floor Plan
1947-10 C.N.Rys. Track plan.
1959-05 Underwriters Survey Bureau, Limited.
RSR-138, Figure 17
Fire Insurance map.