Station: Niagara Falls
Subdivision: Grimsby Welland
Mileage: 0.60 -
Symbols: CKWXZ
Train Order: P -
Office Signals: RA -
Sidings: .. -
Other Tracks: .. -
Yard Limits: East end of steel arch bridge
725 feet West of St. Davids
7,895 feet West of Clifton
Location: 4267 Bridge Street
Niagara Falls
(Welland County, Stamford Township)
HSMBC Report: RSR-217
Designation / Year: /


Passenger Conductors must know immediately Customs and Immigration Officials have completed their inspections, to avoid any dealy to trains waiting for advice.

Conductors of passenger trains entering Canada from Suspension Bridge, N.Y., must receive release from Canadian Customs and Immigration officers before allowing any person to detrain at Niagara Falls, Ontario. Conductors of passenger trains entering United States from Niagara Falls, Ontario, must receive release from Canadian Customs officer before leaving Niagara Falls stations, and must also receive release from United States Customs and Immigration officers before allowing any person to detain at Suspension Bridge, N.Y. Conductors will be personally responsible for observance of these instructions.

Sounding of engine whistle signals on any locomotive, car or other mechanism propelled on a railway is prohibited in respect to any public crossing at grade within the limits of the City of Niagara Falls, except when necessary to prevent accident. (B.T.C. 43682). This does not prohibit the sounding of engine whistles when necessary for train operation.

Niagara Falls City limits commence at mileage 1.24

Eastward passenger trains arriving Niagara Falls will stop with engine clear of "Stop" sign east of station.

Movements over crossovers immediately east of Niagara Falls station are governed by hand signal from switchtender.

Engines must not enter covered portion of coal dock; a reach of cars must be used.


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