North Bay

Station: North Bay
Subdivision: Alderdale
Mileage: 61.4
Symbols: KZ
Train Order: DN
Office Signals: NH
Sidings: ..
Other Tracks: 69
Yard Limit Boards: 18,611 feet East of Station
9,998 feet West of Station
Location: 172 Second Avenue West
North Bay
HSMBC Report: RSR-171
Designation / Year: Positive / 1993

Trains must obtain terminal clearance at North Bay.

When train No. 1 is running on time, or, not more than thirty (30) minutes late, it will proceed through second crossover to first track in front of station, designated as O.N.R. Main Track. Station protection signals east of station should be set so that proper protection is afforded this train while standing at station. The movement between the crossover switch and the station on the O.N. Railway Main Track will be made by the protection and indication of signal 611. Movement is not to interfere with use. of the O.N.R. Main Track by train No. 47. Crossover switches and Signal 611 for movement and protection of train No. 1 will be handled under the direction of conductor in charge of switch crew.

Operation on Ontario Northland Rly. Exclusive Track—North Bay Station

The position of the first switch West of North Bay station is normal when set for the Northerly track which track is C.N.R. main track. The Southerly track from this is O.N. Rly. exclusive track and movements over this track are governed by O.N. Rly. timetable and staff system. C.N.R. trains or engines may use O.N. Rly. main track West of signal 611 without staff system or withour being in possession of O.N. Rly. timetable under the protection of signal 611.

Manually operated station protection signals, single arm signal No. 611, located 1422 feet east of station on South side of O.N.Rly. main track.

Single arm signal No. 609 located 1422 feet East of station on North side of main track. Conductors desiring protection under these signals must observe or place them in "STOP" indication for protection.

Single arm signal No. 624 located 5588 feet West of station on South side of C.N.R. main track. Rules 451 to 454 apply.

Trains 47 and 49 will arrive via O.N. Rly. main track at North Bay, using second cross-over East of station to reach this track from the Alderdale Subdivision. Trains 46 and 50 will leave North Bay from O.N. Rly. main track and proceed to Alderdale Subdivision track via second cross-over East of station. The movement between the cross-over switch and the station on the O.N. Rly. exclusive main track will be made by the protection and indication of signal No. 611.

Speed of trains through the crossover will not exceed ten (10) miles per hour.

North Bay Yard Limits extend from yard limit board East of Transfer Yard to yard limit board West of North Bay West.

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