Norwich East

Station: Norwich East, a.k.a. Norwich, Norwich (T. & B.)
Subdivision: Burford
Mileage: 21.52
Symbols: ..
Train Order: ...Train Order history:
Date Train Order Hours
1927-06-26/1928-09-30 D  
1929-09-29/1948-09-26 ...  
Office Signals: ..
Sidings: ..
Other Tracks: ..
(Oxford County, Norwich Township)
Date Event
1939-04-30 C.N.Rys. authorized to remove agent at Norwich East; caretaker to be appointedB.R.C. 40573.
1939-04-30 Appears as Norwich in time tablesCNR.CR.SOD.LSD.67, p. XX.
1940-04-28 Appears as Norwich East in time tablesCNR.CR.SOD.LSD.70, p. XX.
1942-02-09 21.50 miles from Junction Switch, Dunnville Sub.CNR.CR.SOD.LSD.75, p. XX.
1942-06-26 21.52 miles from Junction Switch, Dunnville Sub.CNR.CR.SOD.LSD.76, p. XX.
1948-09-26 Appears in time tablesCNR.CR.SOD.LSD.90, p. XX.
1949-11-27 Absent from time tablesCNR.CR.SOD.LSD.93, p. XX.
Date Image Notes
1945-09-04 Image Not Available
NAPL A9198-081
Aerial photograph showing Norwich Jct, Norwich and Norwich East.
Date Reference Railway Subject Description
1877-09-30 NAC / Col. RG30M Acc. 78904/42 Item 455 G.T.Ry. Station. Plan. Elevations. Section. Details.