Norwich Jct.

Station: Norwich Junction
Subdivision: Burford Otterville
Mileage: 23.01 3.01
Symbols: Z ..
Train Order: P P
Office Signals: .. ..
Sidings: .. Yard
Other Tracks: 15 Yard
Yard Limit Signs: 2,000 feet East of East Junction Switch South to Otterville
2,300 feet West of East Junction Switch North to Burgessville
(Oxford County, North Norwich Township)

Burford Subdivision

Trains may leave without terminal clearance.

Otterville Subdivision


Date Event
1876 B.N. & P.B.Ry. constructs 8'×14'×8' single storey, frame station with shingle roof on timber foundationGTR.MD.1907.
1882 G.T.Ry. constructs freight shedGTR.MD.1907.
1883 G.T.Ry. constructs closetGTR.MD.1907.
1893 G.T.Ry. constructs 1,020 sq. ft. platformGTR.MD.1907.
1894 G.T.Ry. constructs 2,540 sq. ft. platformGTR.MD.1907.
1896 G.T.Ry. constructs the following:
  • 34,000 gal water tankGTR.MD.1907, p. 13;
  • Pump house;
  • Coal platform; and
  • Signalman's cabin.
1911-06-04/1931-09-27 Day train order officeGTRS.MD.43; GTRS.OL.LDS.2/11; CNR.CR.SWOD.LSD.2/16; CNR.CR.SOD.LSD.21/40.
1911-06-24/1936-09-27 Water and wyeWye is conjecture—appears as "Junction" from 1911-06-04 to 1926-05-02GTRS.MD.43;GTRS.OL.LDS.2/11; CNR.CR.SWOD.LSD.2/16.GTRS.MD.43; GTRS,OL.LSD.2/11; CNR.CR.SWOD.LSD.2/16; CNR.CR.SOD.LSD.21/61.
1932-06-26/1965-10-31 TelephoneCNR.CR.SOD.LSD.43/20; CNR.GLR.LA.21/34.
1933-06 Norwich Junction diamond removed and switches at M26.44 and M26.70 "spiked" from Burford SubdivisionBrian West—correspondence.

Norwich Junction Located on Brantford Tillsonburg Section with physical connection Otterville Subdivision. Presume this station not involved as switching and freight service performed by Brantford Tillsonburg crew. Witt Fertilizer Works located this station with private siding, and handle inbound about fifteen hundred tons phosphate rock from Buffalo per annum and outbound fertilizer about five hundred tons per annum . Motor Trucks handle a large portion of the fertilizer manufactured in this plant to Ontario markets south of Norwich in the tobacco area in the vicinity of LaSalette

NAC RG30 Vol. 10120 File 6340-29
1937-04-25 No water or wyeCNR.CR.SOD.LSD.62.
1940c Depot removedNDA—correspondence.
Date Image Notes
N&DA 2766.030
Depot and water tank it the GTR era. Note the faux wainscot paint scheme on depot and the two spouts on the water tank, one for each of the Port Dover-Stratford and Harrisburg-Tilsonburg Jct. lines (Otterville and Burford subdivisions, respectively). It is conjectured that the photograph is taken looking east across the diamond along the Harrisburg-Tilsonburg Jct. line.
1945-09-04 Image Not Available
NAPL A9198-081
Aerial photograph showing Norwich Jct., Norwich and Norwich East.