C.N.Rys. Oriole

Station: Oriole, a.k.a. DuncanWhite-1915
Subdivision: Bala Leaside
Mileage: 11.20 0.00
Symbols: Z
Train Order: DN
Hours of Service Days of Service
8:00 a.m. to 2:00 a.m. Daily
Office Signals: AN
Sidings: 44 (M10.70 to M11.17)
Other Tracks: 59
  • Service Track: NS.X (M10.74 to M11.20); Duncan Cut-off
  • Unknown: N.X (M11.17)
Crossovers: M10.92 off Service Track to M10.96 on Main Track
Yard Limit Boards: 5,010 feet south of station
3,260 feet north of station
Location: 855 York Mills Rd
(York County, North York Township)
Date Event
1987-04-07 Teperman & Sons demolishes station; the last example of a CNOR Type 3 station in OntarioToronto Railway Heritage Yahoo!® Group, Message No. 2873.
Date Image Notes

Toronto Reference Library, Acc. No. 2001-2-15

Conductor of caboose no. 77176 with agent at Oriole in front of train order office at Oriole south of York Mills Rd.