Station: Oriole, a.k.a. DuncanWhite-1915
Subdivision: Bala Leaside
Mileage: 11.19 0.00Mileage for Leaside is junction switch; distance to station is 0.23 miles.
Symbols: Z
Train Order: DN ..
Hours of Service Days of Service
8:00 a.m. to 2:00 a.m. Daily
Office Signals: AN ..
Sidings: 44 (M10.69 to M11.16) ..
Other Tracks: 59
  • Service Track: NS.X (M10.73 to M11.20)
  • Team Track: N.X (M11.16)
Yard Limit Boards: 5,010 feet south of station
3,260 feet north of station
Location: 855 York Mills Rd
(York County, North York Township)
Date Event
1929-07-16 Southbond Extra 3433 collides head-on with Northbound Work Extra 3458, which was standing on the Leaside Branch; it is unclear why the junction switch was not lined for the main trackThe Globe (Toronto), Wednesday July 17, 1929, pg. 1 col. 4, pg. 1 col. 8; and pg. 2 col. 2; The Toronto Daily Star, Wednesday July 17, 1929, pg. 3, col. 4 and pg. 3, col. 8.
1938-06-26 Oriole train order office constructed south of York Mills Rd at mileage 11.2; station becomes section dwellingCNR.CR.NOD.64.
1955-09-25 Oriole train order office relocated north of York Mills Rd to mileage 11.3CNR.CR.NOD.13.
1987-04-07 Teperman & Sons demolishes station; the last example of a C.N.O.Ry. Type 3 station in OntarioToronto Railway Heritage Yahoo!® Group, Message No. 2873.
Date Image Notes

Toronto Reference Library, Acc. No. 2001-2-152, Ted Chirnside

Conductor of caboose no. 77176 with agent in front of train order office at Oriole south of present day York Mills Rd.

Toronto Reference Library, Acc. No. 2001-2-153, Ted Chirnside

C.N.Rys. class T3a Santa Fe type No. 4201 (ex. Boston & Albany acquired 1928; renumbered 4192 in 1957; and scrapped 1958) northbound stopped for orders at Oriole station.

Railpictures.ca Image No. 50733, John Freyseng photo

C.N.Rys. 6167 (extra operating light to Leaside to commemorate the town's 50th anniversary) at the Oriole train order office.

Straight-line track plan showing Oriole (ca. Jan. 1948).