Station: Oshawa
Subdivision: Oshawa
Mileage: 300.50
Symbols: WXZ
Train Order: DN
Office Signals: OH
Sidings: 75 (Eastward Track)
45 (Westward Track)
Other Tracks: Yard
Yard Limits: 5,600 feet east of station
6,560 feet west of station

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HSMBC Report: RSR-296
Designation / Year: /

West switch of westward siding, west switch of first crossover west of station and the Oshawa Ry. lead switch of eastward track are equipped with electric locks controlled by operator. To operate these switches, unlock door of switch lock which will sound buzzer in telegraph office and when indicator shows clear turn handle to the left as far as it will go; switch can then be operated in usual manner. When movement completed handled must be restored to normal position and door closed and locked. When using westward switch or Oshawa Ry. lead switch, trains must remain clear of block signal until after switch has been turned. Telephone to operator is located at switch of westward siding.

All [eastward] freight trains handled by Diesel power must stop for standing inspection at ... Oshawa ...

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CN Photo Collection / CSTM / Image 1105