Ottawa Junction

Station: Ottawa Jct.
Subdivision: Beachburg
Mileage: 0.72
Symbols: Z
Train Order: ..
Office Signals: ..
Other Tracks:
Yard Limit Signs: ???? feet East of ????
???? feet West of ????

Trains to or from Hurdman will use the first track cross over switch; position of this switch is normal when set for Hurdman. Position of cross over switch on track leading to Ottawa is normal when set for main track Federal to Riverside. Siding at Ottawa Jct. is the track nearest C.P.R.—Federal to Riverside main track is one on the left hand side when looking toward Riverside.

Inward trains from Federal appraoching Ottawa Junction when finding approach signal located 400 feet west of west in stop position, will after stopping, proceed under control and will not foul cross over at Riverside end of Siding, Ottawa Junction, until home signal shows clear indication.

Inward movements wishing to proceed out of Siding at Ottawa Junction towards Riverside, will call Operator at Riverside before fouling main track.