Station: Palgrave
Subdivision: Milton
Mileage: 48.9
Symbols: ..
Train Order: ..
Office Signals: ..
Sidings: ..
Other Tracks: 23
Location: (Peel County, Albion Township)
Date Event
1877c H. & N.W.Ry. builds first station: Standard Class 3 Combination StationSpeculation based on Cooper-2001, p. 271.
1900c G.T.Ry. builds second (replacement) station with extended freight shed and telegrapher's bayCooper-2001, pp. 271-272.
1919-04-20 Second station at Palgrave burns downCooper-2001, p. 272.
1919-10-04 Location and plan of G.T.Ry. station at Palgrave approvedB.R.C. Order 28851.
1919 G.T.Ry. builds third (replacement) station Cooper-2001, p. 272. Appears to have been a standard type 3 combination station (Journal No. 6739, Montreal, 1917-06-11) with baggage room removed; similar to that constructed at Burgessville.
1931-07-11 C.N.Rys. applies to close agency at Palgrave and appoint caretakerB.R.C. File No. 4205.688.
1931-09-26 C.N.Rys. authorized to close agency at Palgrave and directed to appoint caretakerB.R.C. Order 47431Cooper states that agent was removed at Palgrave 1931-09-30Cooper-2001, p. 274.
1957-08-15 C.N.Rys. authorized to remove caretaker at PalgraveB.T.C. Order 92301.
1961-08-11 C.N.Rys. states intention to retire and not replace station at PalgraveB.R.C. File No. 4205.688.
1961-09-14 B.T.C. does not object to removal of station at PalgraveB.R.C. File No. 4205.688Cooper states that Palgrave was closed and dismantled in 1960Cooper-2001, p. 274.
Date Image Notes
Robert J. Sandusky photo
East (track) and north elevations of station.
Date Reference Railway Subject Description
1948-09 Wilson-2007, p. 43 C.N.Rys. Track plan.