Pembroke Jct.

Station: Pembroke Jct.
Subdivision: Beachburg
Mileage: 86.8
Symbols: *CR*WYZ*
Train Order: DN
Office Signals: KO
Sidings: 68
Other Tracks: 38
Yard Limit Signs: 8,923 feet East of Station.
12,155 feet East of Station.
* All cars on all trains in either direction when handled by Diesel locomotive will be given standing inspection on both sides by Train Crew. These instructions do not relieve Conductors and Trainmen from inspecting their train, as prescribed by Rule 111.
R* All trains must obtain Terminal Clearance at Pembroke Jct., when Operator on duty. When Operator not on duty all trains may leave Pembroke Jct. without Terminal Clearance provided train order signal indicates "Proceed".
Z* Main track between Pembroke Jct. and National Jct. is included in Yard Limits.
Date Event
1920-05-02 Appears as Pembroke in C.N.Rys. time tablesCNR.EL.OD.NOSTD.3.
1920-06-27 Appears as Pembroke Jct. in C.N.Rys. time tablesCNR.EL.OD.NOSTD.4.