Station: Peterboro, a.k.a Peterborough
Subdivision: Campbellford Lakefield
Mileage: 63.50 13.09
Symbols: C*K*W C*KW
Train Order: DN DN
Office Signals: FO FO
Sidings: Yard Yard
Other Tracks: Yard Yard
Yard Limits: 11,534 feet East of Station 9.970 feet East of Station
6,600 feet West of Station 13,646 feet West of Station

Campbellford Subdivision

C* Coal only.
K* Register station for first class trains and for trains originating and terminating. Extra trains originating must obtain terminal clearance.

Under Rule 93 note reading "Where automatic block signal system rules are in effect, 'known to be clear' includes when track is known to be clear by signal indication" is not applicable at Peterboro.

Sounding Engine whistle signals on any locomotive, car or other mechanism propelled on a railway is prohibited in respect to any public crossing at grade within the limits of the City of Peterboro, except when necessary to prevent accident. (B.T.C. 57118).

This does not prohibit sounding of Engine whistle signals when necessary for train operation.

Lakefield Subdivision

C* Coal only.
Date Event
1911-09-05 B.R.C. authorizes G.T.Ry. to build siding for Houedry & SonB.R.C. 14696.
1910-10-12 B.R.C. amends Order No. 14696 re: siding for Houedry & SonB.R.C. 15089.
1917-08-02 B.R.C. authorizes G.T.Ry. to build siding for James BogueB.R.C. 26397.
1926-08-10/1926-09-07 C.N.Rys. tenders for construction of freight house at PeterboroThe Globe (Toronto), Saturday, August 28, 1926, p. 58, c. 8.