Port Robinson

Station: Port Robinson
Subdivision: Thorold Welland
Mileage: 0.00Junction switch Thorold Subdivision; Port Robinson order board is 201 feet east on Welland SubdivisionCNR Property Plan No. 936. 9.79
Symbols: XZ XZ
Train Order: DN DN
Office Signals: RT RT
Sidings: .. Yard
Other Tracks: .. Yard
Yard Limts: 5,563 ft. North ot Station 5,563 ft. East of Station
.. 2,989 ft. West of Station
(Welland County, Thorold Township)

Thorold Subdivision

When no operator on duty at Thorold, operator Port Robinson must display train order signal at "stop" and hold all northward light engines or trains until arrival of preceding tain has been reported by operator Merritton.

The foregoing does not relive enginemen or trainmen from complying with Rules Nos. 93 and 99.

Trains may pass from one subdivision to another at Port Robinson without terminal clearance, provided train order signal indicates proceed.

Welland Subdivision

Operator register all trains.

Eastward trains to Niagara Falls will not require terminal clearance when passing from double to single track provided train order signal indicates proceed.

Yard limit sign, located 5,563 ft. East of station on West side of Thorold Subdivision main track, governs both Thorold and Welland Subdivisions.

When cars are set out in Steel Co.'s track, they must not be pushed down under loading crane.