Station: Powassan, a.k.a. Powassen
Subdivision: Huntsville
Mileage: 95.60
Symbols: ..
Train Order: D
Office Signals: WS
Sidings: 50
Other Tracks: 23
Location: (Parry Sound District, South Himsworth Township)


Date Event
1911-05-20 BRC orders GTR to build station amd make changes in yard track by Nov. 1, 1911 under penalty of $25 a dayB.R.C. 13729.
1911-10-07 BRC approves GTR plan for re-arrangement of tracksB.R.C. 14947.


Date Image Notes


Date Reference Railway Subject Description
1890-02-24 NMC135284 G.T.Ry. Station. 1in.=50ft. track plan.
1941-12-31 C.N.Rys. Operating Diagram Sheet 6