Richmond Hill

Station: Richmond Hill
Subdivision: Bala
Mileage: 21.23
Symbols: WZ
Train Order: DN
Hours of Service Days of Service
Continuous Continuous
Office Signals: RH
Sidings: 93 (M21.18 to M22.05)
Other Tracks: 44
Yard Limit Boards: 5,383 feet south of station
7,110 feet north of station
Richmond Hill
(York County, Markham Township)
Date Event
1927-08/1927-12 C.N.Rys. renovates station to add agent living quarters NAC/NMC 096855.
1936-04-09 In the pre-dawn hours, sometime around 6 a.m., of April 9, 1936 two heavily-loaded cars of a [southbound] C.N.Rys. freight train derailed and plunged over a 15-foot embankment on the main line south of Richmond Hill station. The Liberal (Richmond Hill), Tragic story didn't mesh with reality of derailment, Andrew Hind April 6, 2004,
1952c/1954c C.N.Rys. adds new baggage/express room by enclosing porte-cochère on south end of stationphotographs. The former baggage room is converted to a conductor's roomspeculation.
1953-01-09 Conductor of northbound freight narrowly missed by gunshotThe Globe and Mail (Toronto), Saturday, January 10, 1953, p. 4.
Date Image Notes
n.d. Image Not Available
Andrew Merrilees Collection/ NAC / PA-185937
Richmond Hill Public Libary website
C.No.Ry. station, freight shed and water tower looking north.
Richmond Hill Public Libary website
C.No.Ry. station and freight shed looking northwest. Flat car is James Bay Railway 23173. Reporting marks on gondola car obscured. Man seated on gondola car is identified as John Sheardown.
Rear view of C.N.Rys. station looking northeast. The 1927 kitchen addition is visible on the left. Photograph appears in Sauriol-1984, p. 59
Canadian Historical Photo Collection / J. V. Salmon Collection / TRL / Acc. S 1-2695
South and east elevations of C.N.Rys. station. The porte-cochère on the south end has been enclosed and converted to an express/baggage room. The door to the former baggage room north of the operator's bay window has been replaced with clapboard siding and a single door to, perhaps, the conductor's room.
Date Reference Railway Subject Description
1927-03 NAC/NMC 096855 C.N.Rys. Existing station. Plan. Elevation. Section. The plan indicates that it was also the residence for agent and includes a parlor, living room, two bedrooms and a 10'×12' kitchen addition on the west (rear) side. Rennovation work began in August 1927 and was completed by December 1927 at a cost of $2,120.17.