Station: Rosedale, a.k.a. Don Valley
Subdivision: Bala
Mileage: 3.62Mileage based on signpost at chainage 190+89 per Property Plan No. 507; mileage 3.61 is given in some Toronto Terminals timeables.
Symbols: Y
Train Order: ..
Office Signals: ..
Sidings: 185 (M2.49 to M4.02) Sidings: chronology:
Date Car Capacity
1927-05-01/1933-09-10 33
1934-06-24/1957-10-27 185
1958-12-07 175
1959-04-26/1960-10-30 157
Other Tracks: ..
(York County)

Siding at Rosedale extends from point 2,140 feet North of Rosedale station to point 5,943 feet South of Rosedale station.

All southward trains having meets at Rosedale, mileage 3.61, which cannot be pulled entirely clear of Winchester St. public crossing at grade, mileage 2.81, must stop at signal no. 30, mileage 2.90, and not proceed until it is known entire train can be pulled over Winchester St. public crossing at grade.

Date Event
1929-05-19/1931-09-27 Rosedale appears as train order office (RO)CNR.CR.NOD.20/37
1929-07-28/1957-06-23 Wye at Rosedale appears in timetablesCNR.CR.NOD.29/18
Date Image Notes

City of Toronto Archives, Fonds 200, Series 372, Subseries 41, Item 113

North from Prince Edward viaduct overlooking the flooded C.N.Rys. Rosedale yard.

City of Toronto Archives, File 216, Item 132643

Looking north towards Rosedale wye, the scene of a derailment50-car freight rips rail line, wrecks 20 autos, The Globe and Mail (Toronto), March 25, 1949, pg. 11, col. 5.

Toronto Public Library, T 33979, James Victor Salmon photograph

Looking west from Rosedale wye tail track.

Straight-line track plan showing Rosedale (ca. Jan 1948).

Straight-line track plan showing south end of Rosedale siding; formerly Gerrard Street Switch (ca. Jan 1948).