Scarboro (C.N.Rys.)

Station: Scarboro, a.k.a Scarborough, Scarboro Junction
Subdivision: Oshawa Uxbridge
Mileage: 325.01 60.50
Symbols: X RZ
Train Order: DN DN
Office Signals: JU JU
Sidings: 97 (Eastward Track) ...
105 (Westward Track)
Other Tracks: 57 EW.22 (60.25 to 60.51)
Yard Limits: 7,484 feet east of station 3,810 feet east of station
2,706 feet west of station
(York County, Scarborough Township)

Oshawa Subdivision

Indication as shown in Rule 501-e will be displayed on signal No. 3252 only when switches are set for movement to Uxbridge Subdivision. Junction switch and west switch of west crossover are equipped with electric locks controlled by operater at station. To operate either of these switches unlock door of switch lock which will sound buzzer in telegraph office and when discs of electric lock are vertical, turn handle to left as far as it will go, and switch may then be operated in usual manner. When movement completed, handle must be restored to normal position, door closed and locked

Movements to and from Uxbridge Subdivision may be made without flag protection after obtaining "No Train approaching" indication on electric lock.

Nos. 9 and 109 stop at Scarboro to detrain passengers.

Date Event
1960-12-18 Fire destroys Scarboro stationToronto Railway Heritage Yahoo!® Group, Message No. 845.
Date Image Notes
TRL Canadian Historical Picture Collection/J. V. Salmon Collection, Acc. S 1-353