South River

Station: South River
Subdivision: Huntsville
Mileage: 76.63
Symbols: C*KWYZ
Train Order: DN
Office Signals: S
Sidings: 64 (M76.15 to M76.74)
Other Tracks: 208
  • TBD #1: NS.xx (M76.22 Siding to 76.65 North Leg of Wye);
  • South Leg of Wye: S.xx (M76.28 TBD #1);
  • TBD #2: NS.xx (M76.28 TBD #1 to M76.62 TBD #1);
  • TBD #3: NS.xx (M76.37 to M76.55 off North Leg of Wye);
  • Shed Track: NS.xx (M76.39 to 76.82);
  • North Leg of Wye: N.xx (M76.65 Siding, 0.26 miles);
  • TBD #4: N.xx (M76.67 TBD #5 to M76.96);
  • TBD #5: N.xx (M76.70 Siding); and
  • Hopper Track (Coaling Tower): N.xx (M76.93 TBD#4).
Yard Limit Boards: 5,280 feet South of Station
4,112 feet North of Station
Location: Download KML file for Google Earth Show in Google Maps Ottawa Avenue
South River
(Parry Sound District, Machar Township)
HSMBC Report: RSR-173
Designation / Year: Negative / 1993


*Coal only.

Register station only for trains originating. Trains originating must obtain terminal clearance.

ChronologyRefer to Huntsville M76.83 for information on 100-ton coaling plant.

Date Event
1911-10-09 Construction of spur fr Standard Chemical, Iron and Lumber Company of Canada approvedBRC Order 14951.


Date Image Notes
South River website
Station, probably in the GTR era.
South River website


Date Reference Railway Subject Description
1896-01-11 NAC / Col. RG30M Acc. 934002 Item 200 G.T.Ry. Track plan.
1941-12-31 C.N.Rys. Operating Diagram Sheet 5