Sparrow Lake

Station: Sparrow Lake
Subdivision: Bala
Mileage: 93.93
Symbols: ..
Train Order: P
Office Signals: SA
Sidings: 100
Other Tracks: ..
Date Event
1951-02-24 Northbound freight train entering siding is clipped by southbound freight train resulting in derailment of six freight cars include two cattle cars—16 cattle were the only fatalitiesThe Globe and Mail (Toronto), Monday, February 26, 1951, p. 2.
1955 Station razedIan M. Wilson—correspondence.
Date Image Notes
Ian M. Wilson collection
Postcard view of stationWilson-2006, p. 32.
Ian M. Wilson collection
Postcard view showing sectionman's dwelling just north of former station.
JPS collection
Postcard view of Port Stanton, Sparrow Lake. Published by Peterborough Port Card Company and post marked 1964 at Port Stanton.
Date Reference Railway Subject Description
1907-02-06 NAC / Col. RG30M Acc. 78903/42 Item 138 CNOR Standard station building and dwelling No. 4. Plans. Sections. Elevations.