Tavistock Junction (C.N.Rys.)

Station: Tavistock Junction
Railway: C.N.Rys.
Subdivision: Drumbo Otterville
Mileage: 24.58108.85 miles from Black Rock. 55.55
Symbols: .. R
Train Order: P ..
Office Signals: .. ..
Sidings: .. ..
Other Tracks: .. ..

The normal position of switch at Tavistock Junction is for trains to and from Stratford and Paris.

Footnotes are from last available time table showing Tavistock JunctionCNR.CR.SOD.LSD.57.

Date Event
1935-06-23 Appears in time tableCNR.CR.SOD.LSD.57
1936-04-26 Absent from time tbaleCNR.CR.SOD.LSD.59