Terra Cotta

Station: Terra Cotta, a.k.a. SalmonvilleCooper-2001, p. 266
Railway: C.N.Rys.
Subdivision: Milton
Mileage: 30.9
Symbols: ..
Train Order: ..
Office Signals: ..
Sidings: ..
Other Tracks: ..
Location: (Halton County, Esquesing Township)
Date Event
1877c H. & N.W.Ry. builds first station: Standard H&NWR Class 3 Combination StationCooper-2001, p. 266.
1896/1897 G.T.Ry. removes agentCooper-2001, p. 266.
1897c First station burns downCooper-2001, p. 266.
1897c G.T.Ry. builds second (replacement) station: Flag stop accomodation and freight house (25'-0"x9'-0")Cooper-2001, p. 266.
1923 Second station burns downCooper-2001, p. 268.
1923-09c C.N.Rys. builds third (replacement) station: Combination section foreman's dwelling and two-room flag stop accommodation (25'-0"x9'-0")The Georgetown Herald 1923-09-05, pg. 2, col. 4; The Acton Free Press 1923-10-11, pg. 6, col. 6; Cooper-2001, p. 266.
1956-05-16 C.N.Rys. station at Terra Cotta destroyed by fireThe Georgetown Herald 1956-05-16, pg. 1, col. 4.
1956-12-17 B.T.C. approves location of new Terra Cotta stationB.T.C. Order No. 90462.
1959-11-02 C.N.Rys. station at Terra Cotta destroyed by fireThe Globe and Mail (Toronto) 1959-11-02, pg. 1, col. 7.