Thorold (C.N.Rys.)

Station: Thorold
Railway: C.N.Rys.
Subdivision: Thorold
Mileage: 5.66
Symbols: XZ
Train Order: DN
Office Signals: U
Sidings: 53
Other Tracks: 313
(Welland County, Thorold Township)

Operator at Thorold must display train order signal at "stop" and hold all northward light engines or trains until arrival of preceding tain has been reported by operator Merritton.

The foregoing does not relive enginemen or trainmen from complying with Rules Nos. 93 and 99.

Trains may pass from double to single track at Thorold without terminal clearance, provided train order signal indicates proceed.

Under no circumstances must engine be detached from train between Thorold and Merritton.

When no operator on duty at Thorold, enginemen on assisting engines when released at Thorold or Lock 25 must secure permission from Dispatcher by telephone before returning to Merritton.

Spring Switch located at end of double track mileage 5.11, Northward trains governed by Signal No. 175. For further instructions see page 33.

Roadway leading from Highway to Pilkingston Glass Co. buildings, which is first crossing south of Bridge No. 10 must not be blocked—if necessary for trains to stop before clearing this crossing, cut must be made immediately train stops.

Train movement over Niagara Falls Road must not be made until protected by member of train crew. (B.T.C. 63315.)

When switching on main track in vicinity of Thorold, precaution must be taken to know definitely that hand brakes on cars are in good condition.