Station: Tottenham
Railway: C.N.Rys.
Subdivision: Milton
Mileage: 54.9
Symbols: ..
Train Order: D
Office Signals: MH
Sidings: ..
Other Tracks: 32
Location: (Simcoe County, Tecumseth Township)
Date Event
1878c H&NWR builds first station: Standard H&NWR Class 1 Combination StationCooper-2001, p. 274.
1900c GTR adds telegrapher's baySpeculation.
1967-03-31 CNR removes agentCooper-2001, p. 274.
1968-08-31 CNR demolishes stationCooper-2001, p. 274.
Date Image Notes
Robert J. Sandusky photo
South and west (track) elevations of station.
W. MacLaren Wilson photo
South and west (track) elevations of station.
Date Reference Railway Subject Description
1948-09 Wilson-1998, p. 64 C.N.Rys. Track plan.