Station Name: Trenton
Railway: C.N.Rys.
Subdivision: Deseronto Maynooth Picton
Mileage: 139.7 0.0 30.53
Train Order: T .. ..
Office Signals: X .. ..
Sidings: Yard Yard Yard
Other Tracks: Yard Yard Yard
Yard Limits: 5,8444 feet East of Station
12,090 feet West of Station
10,940 feet North of Station, including track connecting with Oshawa Subdivision 6,160 feet South of Station

Deseronto SubdivisionFootnotes for Deseronto Subdivision are from last available ETTCNR.CR.SOD.BD.19, p. 15.

Trains may leave Trenton without clearance when no operator on duty.

(a) Trenton is an initial station for all trains.

(b) Deseronto Subdivision trains will use centre track of the three tracks passing station, with ncessary crossover switches, providing a continuous route from standpipe to east switch of wye at Trenton drawbridge, and normal position of all switches will be for this route; but all trains must approach junction switches at these points under control prepared to move to Trenton Station by other routes if directed or signalled by switchman in charge, and must, in making any movements within these limits, use such caution as will ensure absolute safety. All trains must approach and pass under control over that portion of track in Trenton Yard between stand pipe and east switch of wye.

(c) Between 11.00 p.m. and 7.00 a.m. the speed of all trains over Dundas St. Crossing first East of Station, is limited to ten miles per hour, and trains must flag over this Crossing, also Kings St. second Crossing east of station during the 24 hours of Sunday. They must also flag over Dufferin St. Crossing at Round House the 24 hours of Sunday as no watchman is on duty. All transfer movements between Trenton and Trenton Jct. must be carried out with air hose coupled and tail hose used. (B.R.C. 33361.)

(d) No. 7 may stop baggage car opposite Express Office to permit unloading at platform. As this block Dundas St., trainmen must stand at crossing with lantern to stop approaching vehicles. Vestibule doors of each coach or sleeper nearest crossing must be open while crossing is blocked. Train will clear crossing when station work is completed.

Maynooth Subdivision

*"C" indicates coal only.

Trains may leave Trenton...without obtaining terminal clearance.

Register station for regular trains only.

Picton Subdivision

Trains may leave without terminal clearance.

*"C", coal only.

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1909c Click to enlarge
JPS collection
Postcard view of Central Ontario Railway Station, Trenton, Canada. Postmarked Easthampton, MA November 12, 1909.