Station: Washago
Subdivision: Bala Newmarket
Mileage: 88.87Bala Order Board at M88.79. 98.80Newmarket Order Boards at M98.72.
Symbols: C*RWYZ C*RWYZ
Train Order: DN DN
Office Signals: WG WG
Sidings: 53Bala Subdivision Sidings history:
Date Sidings
1926-06-27 65
1935-09-29/1938-01-09 61
1940-09-29 56
1942-09-27/1955-09-25 53
1957-10-27 93
1959-10-24/1960-04-24 96
85Newmarket Subdivision Sidings history:
Date Sidings
1925-09-27 60
1929-09-29 58
1935-09-29/1938-01-09 59
1940-09-29/1942-09-27 54
1944-09-03/1949-09-25 51
1950-09-24/1955-04-24 85
1955-09-25/1957-10-27 99
1958-04-27/1960-04-24 Yard
Other Tracks: 59 148
  • Spur: S.XX (98.73 off Siding)
  • TBD: NS.XX (98.09 to 98.63)
  • TBD: NS.XX (98.12 to 98.59)
Yard Limit Boards: 5,992 feet south of station
6,315 feet north of station
8,841 feet south of station
4,432 feet north of station
Location: Download KML file for Google Earth Show in Google Maps Quetton St.
(Ontario County, Rama Township)
HSMBC Report: RSR-229
Designation / Year: Negative / 1994

Bala SubdivisionRefer to Newmarket M98.58 for Joint Section.

*Coal only.

Trains must obtain Terminal Clearance at Washago.

Southward freight trains. All cars on freight trains must be given standing inspection on both sides by train crew. These instructions do not relieve Conductors and Trainmen from inspecting their train as prescribed by Rule 111, 4th paragraph.

Newmarket Subdivision

*Coal only.

Date EventRefer to CNoR Washago for information on CNoR depot.Refer to Newmarket M98.59 for information on 150-ton coaling plant.
1873-08-18 N.E.Ry. opens from Atherley to WashagoHopper-1962, p. 641Stevens states that Orillia to Washago opened on 1873-08-08Stevens-1960, p. 410..
1890 G.T.Ry. constructs 18'×20' frame section dwelling on sill foundation with shingle roof, which is listed in fair condition in 1907. 12'×14' addition constructed at later dateGTR.ND.1907, p. 159.
1898 G.T.Ry. remodels stationGTR.ND.1907, p. 159.
1907 G.T.Ry. lists station in fair condition and indicates 958 ft2 platformGTR.ND.1907, p. 159.
1907-11-15 Southbound North Bay Express derails entering sidingThe Toronto Daily Star, 1907-11-15, p. 8.
1921-11 Alterations and Additions to Station drawing shows addition of Operators Bay to west side of station and future south extension of Waiting Room for Men's and Women's Lavatories, which was not builtRSR-229.
1922-01-03 G.T.Ry. authorized to close its station at WashagoBRC 31957.
1922c C.No.Ry. depot at Washago moved; disposition of G.T.Ry. depot unknown but it likely became the freight house.
1949c Toilets in south end of Waiting Room and Conductors Room appear on Heating Layout drawing of WashagoRSR-229.
1950-03-08 Raiders break into boxcar while train is stopped on a siding at WashagoThe Globe and Mail (Toronto), 1950-03-09, p. 3, c. 3.
1951-12-22 Home of Carl Harvey, stationmaster at Washago, destroyed by fireThe Globe and Mail (Toronto), 1951-12-24, p. 2, c. X.
Date Image Notes
North and west elevations of N.E.Rys station at Washago in the G.T.Ry. era.
John Dean collection
West elevation of station after addition of operator's bay window.
Bala subdivision elevation of Washago depot.
OPL, OR-823; JPS Collection
Postcard view of south and west elevations of station and water tower.
John Dean collection
Station from coal tower.
n.d. Click to Enlarge
Richard J. Mount collection; JPS collection
Aerial postcard view of Washago looking south. The Newmarket Subdivision runs from the top left to the right. The Joint Section begins at the coal tower and ends at the north end of the bridge across the middle branch of the Severn River. The former alignment of the CNOR is clearly visible. Postcard by Photogelatine Engraving Company, Limited, Ottawa. Not postally used.
1955c Image Not Available
Al Paterson collection
View of south and Newmarket Subdivision elevations of Washago station.
1958-07-22 Image not available
Ken Davis photo
Water tower.
1960c Image not available
Ken Davis photo
1979-04 Image Not Available
Gene Burles photo
North (baggage room) end of station.
1982-08-24 Image Not Available
Brian Ottaway photo
Bala Subdivision elevation of station.
Date Reference Railway Subject Description
1872 NAC/NMC 98810 T.S. & M.Jct.Ry. Combination station. Plan. Front elevation. Sections.
Drawing indicates eight (8) 10'×5' grain bins.
1874-05 NAC/NMC 98811 N.E.Ry. Combination station. Plan. Front elevation. Sections.
1874-05 NAC/NMC 98812 Variant of NAC/NMC 98811
1880-10-15 NAC / Col. RG30M Acc. 90137 Item 297 N.Ry.C. Track plan. 1"=100'
1921c JPS C.N.Rys. Second station.
1949c JPS C.N.Rys. Second station.
1948-06 C.N.Rys. Track plan.
1947-08 Wilson-2006, p. 140 C.N.Rys. Track plan.