Station: Wyebridge
Subdivision: Wyebridge
Mileage: 31.4Miles north of Allandale.
Symbols: ..
Train Order: ...
Office Signals: ..
Sidings: ..G.T.Ry. time tables indicate there was a side track at WyebridgeGTRS.OL.BD.01/
Other Tracks: ..
Location: [County Road 93]
(Simcoe County, Tiny Township)
Date Event
1910-10-10 Plan for G.T.Ry. Wyebridge station grounds approvedB.R.C. Order No. 11907.
1912-03-14 Materials for G.T.Ry. Wyebridge station on siteNews notes from far and near, The Northern Advance (Barrie), March 14, 1912, p. 6, c. 1.
1912-05-09 G.T.Ry. Wyebridge station nearing completionAcross the bay, The Northern Advance (Barrie), May 9, 1912, p. 5, c. 1.
1913-06-22/1919-12-28 Wyebridge appears as day telegraph officeGTRS.OL.BD.01/GTRS.OL.BSD.30.
1923-01-31 G.T.Ry. becomes part of C.N.Rys.Bowers-1983, p. 162, Cooper-2001, p. 394.
1925-09-27 Time tables indicate 47 car passing trackCNR.CR.SWOD.AD.9
1926-09-26 Time tables indicate 52 car passing trackCNR.CR.NOD.18
1927-01-02/1928-09-30 Time tables indicate 53 car passing trackCNR.CR.NOD.19/25
1929-01-06/1931-11-22 Time tables indicate 51 car passing trackCNR.CR.NOD.26/38
1931-10-02 C.N.Rys. applies to abandon Wyebridge SubdivisionB.R.C. File No. 38138.
1931-10-15 B.R.C inspects Wyebridge Subdivision as part of C.N.Rys. abandonment applicationB.R.C. File No. 38138.
1931-10-21 B.R.C. recommends to Governor-in-Council for approval of C.N.Rys. application to abandon Wyebridge SubdivisionB.R.C. order 47547.
1931-11-12 Governor-in-Council approves C.N.Rys. application to abandon Wyebridge SubdivisionOrder-in-Council P.C. 2834.
1931-11-25 Wyebridge Subdivision appears in C.N.Rys. time tableCNR.CR.NOD.38.
1932-05-01 Wyebridge Subdivision absent from C.N.Rys. time tableCNR.CR.NOD.39.
1932-07c The Northern Advance reports that removal of the station at Wyebridge, the only building of any importance on the line, was recently completedC.N.R. removes rail and station at Wyebridge, The Northern Advance (Barrie), 1932-07-21, pg. 8, col. 3.
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Charles Cooper collection
G.T.Ry. station.