Station: Zephyr
Subdivision: Bala Sutton
Mileage: 45.22 0.00
Symbols: WYZ RWYZ
Train Order: DN DN
Office Signals: YR ..
Sidings: 69 (M44.41 to M45.10) ..
Other Tracks: S.2 (45.20) ..
Yard Limit Boards: 4,970 feet south of station
4,765 feet north of station
3,000 feet west of West Wye switch
Location: North side Zephyr Rd. east of York/Durham Line
(Durham County, Scott Township)

Register station only for trains originating. Trains originating must obtain terminal clearance. Train register is located in box in front of station.

Date Event
1979-08-13 C.N.Rys. discontinues service on the Sutton SubdivisionCooper-1982, p. 154.
1981-07-14 C.N.Rys. lifts rails from Zephyr to SuttonCooper-1982, p. 154.
Date Reference Railway Subject Description
1911-03-28 NAC / Col. RG30M Acc. 78903/42 Item 891 CNOR Proposed addition to station. Plans, elevations, sections.