Bala M2.11—Gypsum, Lime & Alabastine (Canada) Ltd.

Other Track: Gypsum, Lime & Alabastine (Canada) Ltd.
Subdivision: Bala
Mileage: 2.11
Other Tracks: N.#
Location: 106 Don Roadway West
Date Event
1945/1960 Gypsum, Line & Alabastine (Canada) Ltd. appears in Might's Toronto City Directory. In some issues it is identified as a stucco plant, which would have produced "Alabastine" a gypsum-based filler for repairing holes and cracks in plaster and woodwork.

Print adverstisement for Alabastine, which was likely produced at the Toronto plant Maclean's Magazine, 1936-06-15, p. 53

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Straight-line track plan mile 1.72 to 2.25 (Aug. 30, 1948).