Winchester St crossing

Grade Crossing: Winchester St
Subdivision: Bala
Mileage: 2.81

A sign reading No cars to be left between this point and crossing is erected on each side of Winchester St. public crossing at grade, mileage 2.81, Bala Subdivision, adjacent to the siding at a point four hundred (400) feet distant from crossing.

All movements on siding, when approaching and when within four hundred feet of Winchester Street public crossing at grade. (B.T.C. 774241)...10 mph

Date Image Notes
Toronto Reference Library, Baldwin Collection, Accession No. S 1-936
James Victor Salmon photo
Looking east towards Winchester St crossing of Canadian National Rys. Bala Subdivision and Don River. The Canadian Pacific Ry. crosses the Don River on a three span through plate girder bridge as it begins its climb out of the valley.