Bala M89.08—Highway No. 11 crossing

Grade Crossing: Highway No. 11
Subdivision: Bala
Mileage: 89.08In ETTs the mileage for the crossing is given as 89.2. The mileage stated here is based on C.N.Rys. Property Plan No. 810 (June 1949) which shows the north wig wag and crossing sign chainage 4706+62.5, which corresponds to M89.08 given that M.P. nos. 89 and 90 are at chainage 4702+66 and 4755+09, respectively.

Automatic bells and wig wag signals are located at this Highway crossing. To eliminate unnecessary operation of these signals, the bonded crossing signal circuits on main track are controlled by push button switches, in a small box marked "Trainmen" locked with switch lock, and located on side of large box at this crossing. Button No. 1 stops and button No. 2 starts operation of crossing signals. Siding movements approaching over the crossing are independent of main line and operate signals regardless of push button operation.

Southbound trains 30 miles per hour (B.T.C. 56438).