C.N.Rys. Bala M89.28—Severn River (North Outlet) bridge

Bridge: Severn River (North Outlet) bridge
Subdivision: Bala
Mileage: 89.28
Date Event
1955-06-29 Beams for temporary span arrive CN144556 and CN651667 from Danforth on 457CNR File No. 4710-52-50
1955-07-01 Timber for temporary span arrive CN660487 from Val Royale (June 24), Belleville (June 29) and Lindsay (July 1)CNR File No. 4710-52-50

Washago, Sept. 22

Mr. W.B. Edey
Supt. Allandale

PRR 440175 Structural steel Ex Dominion Bridge Montréal to your address now Washago (weight 52 Tons)

C.H. Harvey
[Operator, Washago]

CNR File No. 4710-52-50