Gananoque Subdivision/Cataraqui Spur

Station: Cataraqui Spur
Subdivision: Gananoque
Mileage: 178.36 (Westward Track)
Other Tracks: W.x
Speed restrictions
Miles per hour
Engines switching Cataraqui Spur 15
Auxiliary crane 10
Permanent slow orders
Mileage Miles per hour
1.0 Trestle 10
1.8 Trestle 10

Engines heavier than 2500 and 2600 class must not operate beyond Penitentiary track.

Heaviest auxiliary crane, 75 ton.

Movement from Cataraqui Spur may be made without flag protection, after conforming with Rule No. 512 and obtaing "No Train Approaching" indication. In observance of Rule 255 dispatcher must record such permission in train order book as transmitted to and acknowledged by conductor. Cars must not be placed more than 140 feet south of spout at elevator.

Engines must not enter any building at the Nylon Plant. When necessary a reach of cars must be used to move cars in or out of these buildings.

Date Event
1919-10 Canadian Railway and Marine World, Canadian National Railways construction, betterments, etc., No. 380 (October 1929), pg. 617, c. 1
1929-11-26/1929-12-09 C.N.Rys. tenders for clearing, grading, bridges, culverts, etc. spur line to Cataraqui BayThe Globe, Friday, November 29, 1929, p. 9, c. 8.
1929-12-28 $100,000 contract for construction of spur awarded to Rayner Construction CompanyRailway Age, 88(4) 1930-01-25, p. 269; Smithson-2000, p. 78.
1930-01-22 Work begins on Cataraqui spurSmithson-2000, p. 78.
1930-04-29 Canadian Steamship Lines shareholders endorse guarantee of Kingston elevator bond issueThe Montreal Gazette, 1930-04-29, p. 1, c. 7 Google™ News Archive.
1930-06-29 Cataraqui Spur does not appear in Gananoque Subdivision footnotesCNR.CR.BD.16.
1930-09-23 The Kingston Elevator receives its first delivery—80,000 bushels of rye—from the S. S. KindersleyThe Border Cities Star, 1930-09-24, p. 24, c. 3 Google™ News Archive.
1931-04-26 Cataraqui Spur appears in Gananoque Subdivision footnotesCNR.CR.BD.19.
1940-11c C.I.L. announces plans to build Nylon plant at KingstonThe Financial Post, 1940-11-23, p. 7, c. 6 Google™ News Archive.
1941-02c C.I.L. awards contract of Kingston Nylon plant to Anglin Norcoss Ontario Ltd.The Financial Post, 1941-02-08, p. 2, c. 1 Google™ News Archive.
1941-11c C.I.L. announces addition to Kingston Nylon plantThe Financial Post, 1941-11-08, p. 18, c. 6 Google™ News Archive.
1942-07c C.I.L.'s Kingston Nylon plant begins operationsThe Financial Post, 1942-07-18, p. 18, c. 3 Google™ News Archive.
1945-06c C.I.L.'s announces second addition to its Kingston Nylon plantThe Financial Post, 1945-06-23, p. 15, c. 5 Google™ News Archive.
1948-07c C.I.L.'s announces futher expansion of its Kingston Nylon plantThe Financial Post, 1949-07-16, p. 28, c. 3 Google™ News Archive.
1951-08-26 Nylon plant does not appear in Gananoque Subdivision/Cataraqui Spur footnotesCNR.CR.BD.82.
1953-09-27 Nylon plant appears in Gananoque Subdivision/Cataraqui Spur footnotesCNR.CR.BD.89.