C.N.Rys. Huntsville Subdivision

The Huntsville Subdivision has as its origin the Northern & Pacific Junction Railway (N.&P.J.Ry.), which connected with the Canadian Pacific Railway (C.P.Ry.) at La Vase near North Bay. On June 24, 1884, the N.&P.J.Ry. was leased to the Northern & North Western Railway N.&N.W.Ry.; a joint operation between the Hamilton & North Western Railway (H.&N.W.Ry.) and the Northern Railway of Canada (N.Ry. of C.). Although the line was essentially complete in the summer of 1884 the first through train from Toronto to Winnipeg did not operate until Saturday, November 20, 1886 as a consequence of the dilatoriness in ordering the equipment.

On February 24, 1888, the N.Ry. of C. and N.&N.W.Ry. became part of the Grand Trunk Railway (G.T.Ry.) System and the first Toronto to North Bay train operated in September 1888. The identity of the N.Ry. of C. and its constituents disappeared on April 1, 1893 following the G.T.Ry. general reorganization.

The G.T.Ry. handled the C.P.Ry.'s northwest traffic between Toronto and Callander between July 26, 1892 and January 1898. On November 11, 1898 the G.T.Ry. granted the C.P.Ry. running rights between Toronto and Callander, which lasted until a week after the opening of the C.P.Ry.'s Kleinburg/Sudbury branch on June 15, 1908.

During the late G.T.Ry. era (ca. 1915), the North Bay Subdivision (Allandale to North Bay, 12th District, Barrie Division) entered North Bay via the Temiskaming & Northern Ontario Railway (T&NOR). From North Bay, the G.T.Ry. used running rights on the T&NOR to connect with the National Transcontinental Railway (NTR) at Cochrane.

After the G.T.Ry. became part of Canadian National Railways (C.N.Rys.), the Huntsville Subdivision used the former Canadian Northern Railway (CNoR) Montréal-Port Arthur main line (C.N.Rys. era Alderdale Subdivision) to enter North Bay.

In the early C.N.Rys. era, the Huntsville Subdivision started at Allandale, which explains why Huntsville—half-way from Allandale to North Bay—rather than Katrine—half-way between Gravenhurst and Nipissing— became the subdivision's namesake.

The Huntsville Subdivision was absorbed by the Newmarket Subdivision in ca. 1964.

Scotia and South River—Register station for trains originating. Trains originating must obtain terminal clearance.

Mail catch posts located at Mileages 26.4 and 40.8.

Emergency telephone located Mileage 83.0 in booth.

Gravenhurst— is a register station for Huntsville subdivision trains except extra trains originating or terminating at Muskoka Jct.

Track for meeting of passenger trains is second track in front of station.

The track known as "Service Track" is first siding immediately North of Gravenhurst station and West of main track. Capacity 32 cars. Trains moving Northward must not leave this service track at speed exceeding five (5) miles per hour and main track switch must be set for any such movement before engine or car passes "Foul" post located at the end of the bonded area on this track.

Utterson—Movements over highway crossing Mile 23.2 just North of Station on the sidings must be protected by member of crew. (B.T.C. 51233).

Huntsville—Movement over crossing "Spur Track, Yonge Street, Mileage 33.7" must be protected by member of crew.

Siding is first track west of main track. "North Track" is first East of main track and north switch is located immediately south of station platform.

Burk's Falls—Siding is first track East of main track.

South River—*Coal only.

All train movements being made over Ottawa Street crossing on shed track running North and South and located West of main track, Mileage 76.6, must be protected by member of crew. (B.T.C. 71752).

Callander—Mileage 107.5 (Lansdowne Ave.) Automatic bell and flashing light signals. To prevent excessive operation of these signals "STOP" and "RESTART" push buttons are located in box stencilled "PUSH BUTTONS" on signal case at Northwest angle of crossing for use by trainmen. Switching movements on tracks over crossing must be protected by member of crew as bell circuits only extend 50 feet each side of crossing. South switch of siding is switch located 212 feet South of station.

Nipissing—Single arm signal located 1015 feet South of Nipissing on Huntsville Subdivision indicates to Northward trains, single arm signal located 1470 feet East of Nipissing on Alderdale Subdivision indicates to Westward trains and single arm signal located 1290 feet West of Nipissing on Alderdale Subdivision indicates to Eastward trains which route the junction switch is set for. These signals give no authority to any train to move beyond the junction switch, which must not be used unless, or until, it is known that right or schedule permits the movement. They do not afford any measure of rear protection against following trains.

Trains standing at Nipissing and requiring to call in flagman from the South on the Huntsville Subdivision will do so in accordance with rule 14 (da).

Yard limit signs
Gravenhurst 3930 feet North of Station
Huntsville 7426 feet South of Station.
5612 feet North of Station
Scotia 4450 feet South of Station.
3600 feet North of Station.
South River 5280 feet South of Station.
4112 feet North of Station.
Nipissing 2935 feet South of Station.
Speed Restriction
Miles per hour
Passenger trains 55
Freight and Mixed trains 50
Engine with caboose or light engines 40
Permanent Slow Orders
Mileage   Miles per hour all trains
9.7   Highway Crossing (B.T.C. 71287) 10
9.6 to 10.0 Curves 20
33.4 to 34.5 Curves 30
52.2 to 53.5 Curves 45
57.5 to 62.0 Curves 45
81.4 to 86.0 Curves 40
91.1 to 93.0 Curves 30
101.3 to 101.9 Curves 40
104.2 to 104.8 Curves 40
110.0 to 110.7 Curves 30
108.1   Highway Crossing (North and South legs of Wye Callander) (B.T.C. 71287) 10
Engine and car restrictions
Heaviest auxiliary crane permitted. 160 tons
Other tracks
Car Capacity Points face Mileage
Shier's Lumber Company 25 S 9.2
Northern Construction Company 3 S 9.2
G. Tennant 17 N 9.82
Acme Planing Mills 8 S 33.0
City Service Oil Co. 4 S 33.3
Canadian Oil Co. 9 N 33.7
Supertest Petroleum 3 S 33.7
The Forest Basket Co. Ltd. 3 S 34.4
Muskoka Wood Products Ltd. 2 S 37.7
International Ceramic Mining Co. 15 S 40.5
Taplin's 5 N 40.8
Scotia Jct. Trading Co. 7 N 51.1
Thompson Heyland Lumber Co. 9 S 59.9
Oakville Basket Co. and Imperial Oil 8 N 70.8
Strong Lumber Co. 9 S 71.8
Dominion Tar and Chemical Co. 36 NS 76.4
Roy Connelly 15 S 85.7
Trout Creek Lumber Co. No. 1 16 NS 87.3
Trout Creek Lumber Co. No. 2 43 N 87.8
Way freights
No. 528 leave South River 8.00 a.m. except Sunday for Gravenhurst.
No. 529 leave Gravenhurst 7.00 a.m. except Sunday for South River.
No. 530 leave North Bay 8.00 a.m. Mon., Wed., Fri. for South River.
No. 530 leave South River 8.00 a.m. Tues., Thurs., Sat. for North Bay.
Manifest freights
No. 452 leave North Bay 7.00 a.m. daily. Arrive Gravenhurst. 12.15 p.m.
No. 454 leave North Bay 9.00 a.m. except Monday. Arrive Gravenhurst. 2.20 p.m.
No. 453 leave Gravenhurst 2.00 a.m. daily. Arrive North Bay. 7.00 a.m.

Diagram showing location of train phone wires

Face direction named: Count cross arms from the top down.

Image Not Available
Look North
Gravenhurst to Nipissing

Train phone wires marked Image Not Available


Emergency telephone wire must be hooked up as close as possible to the pole, first scraping any corrosion off the pole line wire in order to establish contact with the train dispatcher.

Date Event
1881-03-21 N.N.W.&.S.S.M.Ry. incorporated to build from Gravenhurst to Callander then westward to Sault Ste. MarieStevens-1960, p. 419.
1883 N.N.W.&.S.S.M.Ry. becomes the N.&P.J.Ry.Stevens-1960 p. 420.
1884-07-18 Construction contract let to Symmes, Dawson, Hendrie & CompanyThe new York Times, Saturday, July 19, 1884, p. 3.
1884-06-24 N.&P.J.Ry. leased to N.&N.W.Ry.Based on 1884-06-26 notice in The Globe it would appear that this was a decision to lease; a meeting to approve and ratify the lease to be held 1884-07-25The Globe (Toronto), Thursday, June 26, 1884, p. 3, c. 4.Hopper-1962 p. 644.

Northern & Pacific Junction Railway Company.

Notice is hereby given that a special general meeting of the above Company will be held at the office of the company, No. 4 Brock street, in the city of Toronto on

Friday, the 25th day of July 1884,

At 12 o'clock noon for the purpose of considering and if approved, of ratifying the lease of the Railway of the said company from Gravenhurst to its junction with the Canadian Pacific Railway, to the Northern Railway Company of Canada and the Hamilton & North-Western Railway Company.

Walter Townsend,

Toronto 25th June 1884.

The Globe (Toronto), Thursday, June 26, 1884, p. 3, c. 4
1886-01-18 Last spike driven on Callander ExtensionThe Globe (Toronto), Tuesday, January 19, 1886, p. 8, c. 4.
1886-01-27 N.&N.W.Ry. operates first train to La VaseThe Globe (Toronto), Monday, February 1, 1886, p. 3, c. 4; Stevens-1960 p. 420Bladen states that N.&N.W.Ry. opened to North Bay on 1886-01-27Bladen-1934, p. 68..
1886-06-24 Gravenhurst to Sundridge ready for passenger serviceThe Globe (Toronto), Saturday, June 26, 1886, p. 16, c. 2].
1886-06-25 N.&N.W.Ry. operates first regular train from Gravenhurst to SundridgeThe Globe (Toronto), Saturday, June 26, 1886, p. 16, c. 2.
1886-07-17 It is reported that N.&N.W.Ry. has finally ordered rolling stock from Crossen and ten locomotives from the Kingston Locomotive WorksThe Globe (Toronto), Saturday, July 17, 1886, p. 16, c. 2.
1886-11-20 N.&N.W.Ry. operates first through passenger train from Toronto to WinnipegThe Globe (Toronto), Monday, November 22, 1886, p. 8, c. 1.
1888-01-24 Deed of Union for amgalmation of H.&N.W.Ry., N.Ry. of C. and G.T.Ry.Hopper-1962, p. 644.
1888-02-24 Effective date for H.&N.W.Ry./N.Ry. of C./G.T.Ry. amalgamationHopper-1962, p. 644.
1888-05-04 Separate accounts for G.T.Ry. and N.&N.W.Ry. no longer required (Dominion Act 58 VIC Cap. 58)Hopper-1962, p. 644.
1888-09 G.T.Ry. operates first Toronto to North Bay trainCallander Bay Hertitage Museum website.
1892-07-26 G.T.Ry. agrees to handle C.P.Ry.'s northwest traffic between Callander and TorontoWilson-1983, pp. 129 & 140.
1898-01 G.T.Ry. cancels traffic arrangement with C.P.Ry.Wilson-1983, pp. 129 & 140.
1898-11-26 G.T.Ry. grants C.P.Ry. running rights between Toronto and CallanderWilson-1983, pp. 129 & 140.
1904-06-30 In view of the contemplated construction of the Grand Trunk Pacific Railway, it will be impracticable to continue to use the Grand Trunk Company's line between Toronto and North Bay for the routing of traffic between points in Ontario and points reached by your [C.P.Ry.'s] lines in North Western Canada, and, therefore it is important that you should, with the least possible delay, secure your own independent connection between the main line and the City of Toronto. The shortest and best route and one upon which the local traffic will be profitable, is from a point in the vicinity of Sudbury to a point near Kleinburg on your Ontario Division, a distance of about 230 miles. Your Directors are proceeding with the construction of the line, and you will be asked to authorize the issue and sale of the necessary securities to meet the expenditure.

From Paragraph 15 of C.P.Ry. report for the fiscal year ending June 30th, 1904Lovett-1981, p. 160.

1906-09-30 Toronto—Huntsville—North Bay.

Train No. 63 "Muskoka Express" will be cancelled.

North Bay—Huntsville—Toronto

Train No. 66 "Muskoka Express" will be cancelled.

[G.T.Ry.S. Circular No. 1902, September 24, 1906, SCA / Acc. 985-10]

1908-06-15 C.P.Ry. opens Sudbury-Kleinburg branchWilson-1983, pp. 139 & 140.
1908-06-21 C.P.Ry. withdraws all through car service between Toronto and North Bay via G.T.Ry.Derek Boles—correspondence.
1923-01-31 G.T.Ry. becomes part of C.N.Rys.Bowers-1983, p. 162; Cooper-2001, p. 394.
1929-06-30 Allandale appears as southern terminus of Huntsville SubdivisionCNR.CR.NOD.28.
1929-07-28 Gravenhurst appears as southern terminus of Huntsville SubdivisionCNR.CR.NOD.29.
1964c The Huntsville Subdivision becomes part of the Newmarket Subdivision.
Date Reference Railway Subject Description
n.d. NAC / Col. RG30M Acc. 945013, Bundle 3 N.&P.J.Ry. Third class station.
1882-10-14 NAC / Col. RG30M Acc. 78903/42 Item 913 N.N.W.&.S.S.M.Ry. Section tool house. Plan. Front elevation. Sections.
1885-01-12 NAC / Col. RG30M Acc. 78903/42 Item 1022 N.&P.J.Ry. Trestles.
1885-07-09 NAC / Col. RG30M Acc. 78903/42 Item 1023 N.&P.J.Ry. Trestle sta. 1370 to 1407 Side and front elevations of masonary piers at sta. 1382.
  • Abandoned after diversion opened 1895-04-15.
1885-02-09 NAC / Col. RG30M Acc. 78903/42 Item 1024 N.&P.J.Ry. Trestle sta. 1370 to 1407. Side and front elevations of piers.
  • Abandoned after diversion opened 1895-04-15.
1885-01-05 NAC / Col. RG30M Acc. 78903/42 Item 1025 N.&P.J.Ry. Bridges
  • Culvert sta. 556.
  • Trestle sta. 2050.
  • Culvert sta. 2119.
  • Culvert sta. 2814.
1887 NAC / Col. RG30M Acc. 81203/55 Item 251 N.&N.W.Ry. Profile. Iron Viaduct to 1 mile north of long trestle.
1892 NAC / Col. RG30M Acc. 81203/55 Item 244 G.T.Ry. Long trestle diversion. Lots 11 + 12. Cons. XIII & XLV. Plan
1892 NAC / Col. RG30M Acc. 81203/55 Item 246 G.T.Ry. Long trestle diversion. Profile.
1894 NAC / Col. RG30M Acc. 81203/55 Item 242 G.T.Ry. Long trestle diversion.
1894 NAC / Col. RG30M Acc. 81203/55 Item 243 Variant of NAC / Col. RG30M Acc. 81203/55 Item 242
1894 NAC / Col. RG30M Acc. 81203/55 Item 245 G.T.Ry. Long trestle diversion. Profile
1941-12-31 C.N.Rys. Operating Diagrams Huntsville Subdivision
  • Sheet 1, Mileage 0.0 to 25.0
  • Sheet 2, Mileage 25.0 to 36.0
  • Sheet 3, Mileage 36.0 to 56.0
  • Sheet 4, Mileage 56.0 to 64.0
  • Sheet 5, Mileage 64.0 to 79.0
  • Sheet 6, Mileage 79.0 to 102.0
  • Sheet 7, Mileage 102.0 to 110.62