C.N.Rys. Leaside Branch

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Leaside—Dovercourt Road Line—Extends from Oriole (Bala Subdivision) to Dovercourt Road. The operation is as follows:

Oriole—Donlands: Canadian National Railways

Donlands—Avenue Road: Joint with Canadian Pacific Railway.

Avenue Road—Dovercourt Road: Most northerly track and industrial and team tracks leading therefrom, are exclusive Canadian National Railways. The first two tracks immediately south of Canadian National exclusive track are known as "Common tracks" and are used jointly by Canadian National Railways and Canadian Pacific Railway. Any tracks south of "Common tracks" are exclusive Canadian Pacific Railway. Trains and engines operating between Donlands and Avenue Road, and on the two "Common tracks" between Avenue Road and Dovercourt Road, will be governed by Canadian Pacific Railway time table and train rules. Trainmen, yardmen and enginemen, running over these tracks must have copy of Canadian Pacific Railway rules and Canadian Pacific Railway current time table accessible when on duty.

Donlands—M. 2.24. Junction with Canadian Pacific Railway, derail on Canadian National track interlocked with Junction Switch.

Date Event
1918-02-01 C.N.O.Ry. opens branch line from Oriole to C.P.Ry. at DonlandsBrian Westhouse, Northern Ontario Railroad Museum website.
1919-06-01 Appears as Toronto Terminals Subdivision, Toronto (Union) and Dufferin St. to Duncan, 20.4 miles, Toronto DivisionCNR.EL.OD.1.
1919-10-05 Appears as Toronto Terminal Subdivision, Toronto (Union) and Dovercourt Road to Duncan, 20.4 miles, Toronto DivisionCNR.EL.OD.2.
1920-10-03 Appears as Toronto Terminals, Toronto (Union) and Dovercourt Road to Duncan, 20.4 miles, Toronto DivisionCNR.EL.OD.5.
1921-02-27 Appears as Toronto Terminals, Toronto (Union) to Duncan, 20.4 miles, Ottawa DivisionCNR.EL.OD.6.
1921-05-01 Appears as Leaside Terminals, Duncan and Leaside, 9.3 miles, Ottawa Division appearsCNR.EL.OD.7.
1921-06-27 Appears as Leaside Terminals, Duncan to Dovercourt Road, 9.3 miles, Ottawa DivisionCNR.EL.OD.9.
1942-11-24 C.N.Rys. authorized to construction spur along Leslie St., LeasideB.T.C. Order No. 62984.
1958-09-16 Location for facilities for handling and storage of flammable liquids for Grant Packaging Limited, mileage 1.59 Leaside Branch approvedB.T.C. Order No. 95573.