Meaford Wye

Subdivision: Meaford
Mileage: 49.75
Symbols: Y
Other Tracks:
  • South leg: 1004'
  • North leg: 1004'
  • Tail: 245'

Mileage 49.7—East side of main track Mileage 49.7. South switch mileage 49.7. Switch leading to North leg of Wye Mileage 49.9. Tail track 245 feet long.

Date Event
1951 (Summer) C.N.Rys. constructs wye to turn the D-1 and its two trailers, which began operations to Meaford in October 1951Peter Bowers—correspondence; Wilson-1998, p. 90
1952-04-27/1967-10-29 Meaford Wye appears in time tableCNR.CR.NOD.02/28; CNR.GLR.NOA.29/46
1968-04-28 Meaford Wye absent from time tableCNR.GLR.NOA.47
Date Reference Railway Subject Description
1953-12-31 C.N.Rys. Operating Diagrams Meaford Subdivision, Sheet 3