C.N.Rys. Newmarket M14.23

Subway: King's Highway No. 7
Subdivision: Newmarket
Mileage: 14.23
Location: Concord
(York County, Vaughan Township)
Date Event
1910-03-18 G.T.Ry. ordered to install electric bell at crossing south of Concord stationB.R.C. Order No. 9976.
1930-05-16/1930-06-02 C.N.Rys. tenders for construction of subway at Newmarket Subdivision crossing of Highway No. 7The Globe, (Toronto), Saturday, May 17, 1930, p. 25, c. 8.
1930-06-02 C.N.Rys. gang begins workGiven construction subway was tendered, perhaps this was construction of a shoo-fly and temporary crossing where accident occured July 5, 1930. on Highway No. 7 subwayThe Northern Advance, (Barrie), Thursday, June 5, 1930, p. 8, c. 2.
1930-06-04 C.N.Ry. plans for subway at Newmarket Subdivision crossing of Highway No. 7 approvedB.R.C. Order No. 44811.
1930-06-14 C.N.Rys. awards construction of Highway No. 7 at Concord to Johnson Bros., Canadian Railway and Marine World, (Toronto), July 1930, p. 445, c. 2.