C.N.Rys. Newmarket M18.27—Superior Propane Ltd.

Station: Superior Propane Ltd.
Subdivision: Newmarket
Mileage: 18.27Superior Propane Ltd. spur is off south end of Maple team track.
Other Tracks: N.8
Location: Maple
(York County, Vaughan Township)
Date Event
1950-09-24/1951-04-29 Imperial Oil spur (N.8) constructed off south end of team track (M18.3)CNR.CR.NOD.96 & 97.
1951-09-30/1952-04-27 Imperial Oil becomes Superior Propane LimitedCNR.CR.NOD.100 & 2.
1962-08-04 Superior Propane Limited facility destroyed by fire; CNR trains divertedThe Globe and Mail (Toronto), Monday, August 6, 1962, pp. 1-2; The Globe and Mail (Toronto), Tuesday, August 7, 1962, pp. 1-2 & 4; Reaman-1971, p. 112.
Date Image Notes
Pamela Katz Collection
Postcard view looking south from Station Road across 17th Avenue/Maple Sideroad (later Major MacKenzie Drive) towards Jarvis & Rumble grain elevator.