C.N.Rys. Newmarket M25.89

Station: T.T.C. Crossing, a.k.a. S. & A. Crossing, Schomberg Diamond
Subdivision: Newmarket T.T.C. Schomberg
Mileage: 25.89Mileage in GTR.ND.1907, pp. 18 & 153 is incorrectly given as 22.26; based on King and Cherry, Schomberg Diamond should be 25.26. The mileage shown is based on the midpoint of the abandoned right-of-way shown on a C.N.Rys. property plan. 2.10T.T.C. mileage based on Canadian Electric Railway Map Collection.
Location: (York County, King Township)

Refer to T.T.C. Schomberg Division for chronology of the S. & A.Ry.

Date Event
1902c 12'×14'×19' wood frame, shingle roof signal cabin constructedGTR.ND.1907, p. 153.
1902-02-21 S. & A.Ry. applies to Railway Committee of Privy Council to cross G.T.Ry. tracks at grade north of King; to which the G.T.Ry. objectsThe Globe (Toronto), 1902-02-22, pg. 5.
1902-03-07 Railway Committee of the Privy Council to issue order re: S. & A.Ry. crossing of G.T.Ry.The Globe (Toronto), 1902-03-08, p. 8.
1902-10-03 G.T.Ry. removes S. & A.Ry. crossingThe Newmarket Era, 1902-10-17, pg. 7, col. 2.
1902-10-24c Chief Justice Moss orders G.T.Ry. to restore S. & A.Ry. crossing as it existed before Oct. 3The Newmarket Era, 1902-10-24, pg. 1, col. 7.
1904-04-15 S. & A.Ry. crossing of G.T.Ry. approved; all expenses by S. & A.Ry.B.R.C. Order unknown.
1907 Appears as Schomberg DiamondGTR.ND.1907, pp. 18 & 153.
1908-06-21/1909-06-21 Appears as S. and A. CROSSING in G.T.Ry. time tableGTR.ND.23/26.
1914-09-20/1925-09-27 Appears as King (2.7 miles North) ..... Schomberg & Aurora Railway crossing; Interlocked. in C.N.Rys. time tablesGTRS.OL.BSD.5/30; CNR.CR.SWOD.AD.9.
1926-09-26/1927-09-25 Appears as S. & A. Crossing in C.N.Rys. time tablesCNR.CR.NOD.18/22.
1928-05-20/1929-06-30 Appears as T.T.C. Crossing in C.N.Rys. time tablesCNR.CR.NOD.23/28.
1929-07-28 Crossing absent from C.N.Rys. time tableCNR.CR.NOD.29.