Atherley—Orillia Joint Section

Station: Atherley—Orillia Joint Section
Subdivision: Midland Newmarket
Mileage: 40.52 to 42.54 86.36 to 88.42

Instructions governing the movement of trains between Atherley and Orillia

Operation of trains between junction switch at Atherley and junction switch at Orillia will be governed by Rules Governing the Movement of Trains by Signal Indication, Rules Nos. 261 to 271, inclusive.

The fixed signals used for this purpose are Signal No. 865 located at the junction switch at Orillia and Signal No. 884 located at the junction switch at Atherley and these signals are controlled by the Operator at Orillia, and are interlocking.

The junction switches at Atherley and Orillia are normal when set for the Newmarket Subdivision.

Between Signal No. 888 (located 1600 feet North of Signal No. 884) and Signal No. 865 Automatic Block Signal Rules Nos. 501 to 519, inclusive will apply.

When Signals Nos. 884 and 865 indicate "stop", trains on either Subdivision which are affected by the stop signal must stop clear of the other Subdivision.

Northward trains must approach the junction switch at Orillia prepared to stop clear of a Midland Subdivision train using the junction switch.

Train movements from the Midland Subdivision to the Newmarket Subdivision at Orillia must not be made or the junction switch set for the movement without first obtaining permission from the Operator.

Train movements from the Midland Subdivision to the Newmarket Subdivision at Atherley may be made without flag protection after conforming with Rule No. 512 and securing "block clear" indication.

Pressing the switch indicator button at the junction switch at Atherley, or the approach of a train to Signal No. 888, serves to inform the Operator at Orillia of the presence of a southward train, and if Signal No. 884 does not give "proceed" indication within a reasonable time trainmen may communicate with the Operator at Orillia by telephone which is located at the junction switch.

During the season of navigation Signal No. 883 (located 500 feet South of the drawbridge) and Signal No. 884 are also controlled by the drawbridge operators at the Narrows drawbridge, and these signals are therefore also interlocking signals during the season of navigation and interlocking rules will then apply. The open season of navigation will be bulletined by the Superintendent.