G.T.Ry. Crossing/C.No.Ry. Crossing

Station: G.T.Ry. Crossing C.No.Ry. Crossing
Subdivision: Bala Newmarket
Mileage: 88.53Mileage is equivalent along original centre as shown on C.N.Rys. Property Plan No. 656. 98.48Mileage based on C.N.Rys. Property Plan No. 656.
Date Event
1905c J.B.Ry. applies to B.R.C. for authority to cross GTR at grade near WashagoB.R.C. Application No. 313.
1905-12-11 G.T.Ry. objects to J.B.Ry. application to cross its tracks at grade south of WashagoThe Toronto Daily Star, 1905-12-11, pg. 1.
1906-01-08 B.R.C. inspects proposed J.B.Ry. crossing of G.T.Ry. south of WashagoFirst report of the board of railway commissioners for Canada, pg. 102.
1906-08-09 B.R.C. inspects interlocking[BRC-1908, pg. 105]
1906-11-06 C.N.O.Ry. opens "Parry Sound Section" from Toronto to Parry SoundStevens-1962, pg. 56.
1915-02-26 C.N.O.Ry. and G.T.Ry. authorized to remove night signalman at WashagoBRC Order 23359.
1922-05-22 C.N.Rys. authorized to open Washago Connection, which replaced the at grade crossing with the G.T.Ry. with two junctions and a short "Joint Section"B.R.C. Order. 32420Instructions for the "Joint Section" first appear in CNR.EL.OD.12, which was effective 1922-04-30—refer to Washago for instructions..
Date Image Notes
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Interlocking tower at G.T.Ry./C.No.Ry. crossing looking south along GTR North Bay Subdivision.
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Interlocking tower at G.T.Ry./C.No.Ry. crossing looking north along G.T.Ry. North Bay Subdivision towards Washago.