C.N.Rys. Newmarket M98.87

Highway Crossing: Orillia St.
Subdivision: Newmarket
Mileage: 98.87
Location: Washago
(North Orillia Township, Simcoe County)

Trainmen must see that cars are not placed on siding within 350 feet (10 car lengths) on either side of Orillia Street Rd. crossing, North of station. (B.T.C. 33345.)

Washago...Mileage 98.9 (First Crossing North of Station) Automatic bells and wig wag signals.

To eliminate unnecessary operation of these sgnals, the bonded crossing signal circuits on main track are controlled by push button switches, in a smal box marked Trainmen locked with switch lock, and located on side of large box at these crossings. Button No. 1 stops and button No. 2 starts operation of crossing signals. Siding movements approaching over the crossings are independent of main line and operate signals regardless of push button operation.

Date Event
1938-05-26 C.N.Rys. ordered to install automatic protectionBTC Order No. 55962
1954-03-22 C.N.Rys. authorized to remove automatic protection when Washago Diversion is openedBTC Order No. 83399
1955-07-06 C.N.Rys. opens Washago diversionCNR File 4710-52-50This is at odds with Brown, which states that realignment was necessary to accomodate the widening of Highway 11 in the 1970s, and eliminate the need for a second crossingBrown-2002, p. 89. The "new" alignment is clearly present in a July 22, 1958 photographWilson-1998, p. 144. The Department of Highways Ontario (DHO) assumed the "Washago Diversion" of Highway 11 in February, 1955Cameron Bevers—correspondence. Further information on the construction of Highway 11 can be found at the "The History of Ontario's King's Highways" website..